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Hiring a Blockchain Project Manager

Why Hire a Blockchain Project Manager?  Blockchain as an ideology has stirred interest and investments around the world. As per Gartner, Blockchain is rapidly venturing into experimental and small-scope projects. A trend that is fully scalable by 2023.   Thanks to Blockchain, the standard ‘norms’ of projects are streamlined and turned into profit-generating models (with realistic […]

Senior Software Developer Job Description

Overview The senior software developer role belongs to a professional expert who thinks like a visionary and stands in the client’s shoes for product delivery.  As a tech lead of the Software Development team, a Senior Software Developer can see patterns, owing to their experience. At the same time, they also advise the team on […]

Hiring a Blockchain UX Developer

Why Hire a Blockchain UX Developer?  Many industry experts compare today’s Blockchain UX to yesteryear’s internet. The opportunities are not instantly palpable. But fast forward a few years, and it becomes a basic need. (Yes, the internet is a basic necessity now!).   Blockchain UX Developer is the latest addition to the web3 arena. They are […]

Hiring a Network Engineer

Why Hire a Network Engineer?  Network Engineers have an important role in AI-based organizations. They use various data-mining techniques to identify the network entity related to a problem or remove the network itself from risk.  Recruiters are seeing a great trend in hiring network engineers in 2022 due to:  What is a Network Engineer?  Andreas […]

Hiring a Data Scientist

Why Hire a Data Scientist?  2.5 quintals bytes of data are generated by mankind every day! No wonder, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWW predicted that data is the most precious thing and it will last longer than the systems themselves. That’s why hiring firms engage in a talent war to compete for data scientists […]

Hiring a Software Developer

Why Hire a Software Developer?  Software Developers are rockstar coders. They are the masterminds behind all the technologies, we use every day.  Can you imagine the demand for skilled Software Developers is growing at over 20% (even with all the low-code/no-code platforms) in the tech job market? Even then, there will be a talent shortage […]

Hiring a Cloud Consultant

Why Hire a Cloud Consultant?  Do you know that hiring a cloud consultant is a zillion times better than DIY cloud migration? While 60% of the IT growth is stimulated by the cloud ecosystem, enterprises must know that shifting to the loud is one big leap.  Therefore, cloud consultants help you build a secure and […]

Hiring a Cloud Automation Engineer

Why Hire a Cloud Automation Engineer?  The Future is Cloud! Check these stats on cloud automation from global business leaders.  leaders. More than 74% of them are engaged in cloud strategy and 56% of executives trust the cloud as a strategic platform for growth and innovation.    Unsurprisingly, Cloud Automation is the key to future-proofing cyber […]

Hiring a Cloud Network Engineer

Why Hire a Cloud Network Engineer?  Cloud is the powerhouse that drives today’s digital organizations, according to Sid Nag, VP at Gartner Research. The hybrid-connected environment is largely managed by Cloud Network Engineers. They play a key role in connecting applications and workloads across clouds, cloud services, on-premises data centers, and edge networks.  The Cloud […]

Hiring a Cloud Security Analyst

Why Hire a Cloud Security Analyst?  Remote work largely operates in a perimeter-less environment and so do attackers! Do you know that remote work and virtual offices have made it easy for attackers to unleash their threats? Thanks to Cloud Security Analysts, fighting cybercrime and protecting digital assets and information is less challenging than ever.  […]

Hiring a Cloud Administrator

Why Hire a Cloud Administrator?  With the majority of businesses moving to the cloud and the cloud migration services market crossing the $100 bn mark in 2020, it’s no surprise that there is a huge demand for Cloud Administrators to help enterprises plan, set, and manage all kinds of cloud-based infrastructure and workloads.   Enterprises need […]

Hiring a Bug Bounty Hunter

Why Hire a Bug Bounty Hunter?  Closing security gaps before they are exposed is critical in the world of cyber-attacks today. As a lucrative career, bug bounty hunters are in demand everywhere.   Nearly all the big corporations need them to report and responsibly close cyber security flaws in their systems. That’s why bug bounty hunters […]