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Smarter screening, faster hiring with Glider Co-Pilot

Automate screening, engage candidates and accelerate hiring of top talent with Glider Co-Pilot, the answer to better text recruiting. 

Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ Text Recruiting Software
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Glider Co-Pilot Benefits

Eliminate prescreening burdens

Multi-channel outreach

Meet candidates where they are, Co-Pilot can screen and engage candidates on social media, email, text and WhatsApp.

Better engagement

Co-Pilot is always on, so you can connect with candidates 24/ in human-like conversations.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Talent Connect Multi Channel Outreach and Engagement
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Talent Quality Platform AI Chat bot to engage candidates

Understand intent

Based on responses, Glider Co-Pilot can assess who really wants a job, improving the likelihood of closing.

Assess fit

Video resumes help you assess communication, and scientific-based questions help evaluate a candidate's fit.

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Automate tasks

Remove tedious tasks like note-taking, screening interviews, and scheduling. Glider Co-Pilot automates all the above, moving qualified and interested candidates to the next steps.

Integrates with your tech

Not only can you activate Co-Pilot in 3-steps and without code, but it also integrates into your ATS, so all your data is where you need it.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Talent Quality Platform Talent Connect automate next steps

Co-Pilot Features

Get more from text recruiting!


A human-touch without humans that engages and pre-qualifies candidates.


Capture intangibles like personality and enthusiasm for the role.


Analyze friction points, candidate interest levels to improve hiring in real-time.


Access hundreds of screening questions, add your own, or let Glider choose!


Reach thousands of candidates in one click, saving you hours on pre-qualifying.


AI ranks candidates by fit, skill, and interest, moving the most qualified to next steps.


Build your own vetted private talent pool of top talent with the right skills.


Glider Co-Pilot auto schedules interviews for qualified and interested candidates.


Available via browser, app or mobile device, screen more candidates, no constraints.


Screen, engage, and connect with candidates via email, social media, sms, and WhatsApp.


Delight candidates in a fully customizable and branded experience.


Vetted questions & templates ensures fair and consistent screening for all applicants.

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Recruit smarter with Glider

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

Frequently asked questions

The Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ is the most comprehensive suite of recruiting software, here are  some commonly asked questions:

What is text recruiting with Glider Co-Pilot?

Glider Co-Pilot is a text recruiting software offered by Glider. This revolutionizes the hiring process by automating screening, engaging candidates, and accelerating talent acquisition through the power of text messages. It is designed to streamline and enhance the recruitment process through the power of text messaging.

How does Glider Co-Pilot automate screening?

Glider Co-Pilot automates screening by using AI-powered chatbots to interact with candidates via text messages.This AI recruiting software serves as a dedicated recruiting assistant, employing AI sourcing and AI recruitment tools to ask pre-set screening questions, evaluate responses, and identify potential matches based on predefined criteria. This assists recruiters with efficient candidate screening before further engagements happen.

How does Glider Co-Pilot engage candidates?

Glider Co-Pilot is an AI recruitment tool that should be a part of every recruiter’s talent acquisition strategy. Through personalized text message conversations, it enhances candidate engagement, providing real-time updates, job information, and even possesses interview scheduling software capabilities.

What are the benefits of using Glider Co-Pilot?

The benefits of using Glider Co-Pilot are vast, such as improved candidate experience, faster response times, increased efficiency, and enhanced candidate engagement throughout all stages of the hiring process.

Can Glider Co-Pilot integrate with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other HR software?

Yes, Glider Co-Pilot seamlessly integrates with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other HR software that organizations might use, ensuring a seamless recruitment workflow and centralized management of your data.

How can I buy Glider Co-Pilot?

Glider Co-Pilot is available as a separate product and available as part of the Glider Skill Intelligence Platform™. Glider Co-Pilot is available on a license basis or through an enterprise hiring program. Please contact sales to understand pricing better.

How does Glider Co-Pilot accelerate hiring of top talent?

For recruiters who are keen to augment traditional hiring processes with AI hiring and AI sourcing, Glider Co-Pilot expedites the hiring process, enabling recruiters to quickly reach out to candidates, gather necessary information, and efficiently move them through the hiring pipeline. Glider Co-Pilot helps identify and secure top talent promptly.

Is text recruiting with Glider Co-Pilot suitable for all types of positions?

Text recruiting with Glider Co-Pilot is suitable for various positions, from entry-level to executive roles. White text recruiting is in most cases, effective for initial candidate screening and engagement, complex evaluations may require additional assessment methods or channels.

Does Glider Co-Pilot work on multiple devices?

Glider Co-Pilot is available on desktop, Android, and iOS. You can also use Glider Co-Pilot to engage candidates over WhatsApp and SMS.

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