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AI-proctoring by Glider ensures you make the right hire for every role, guaranteeing skill, fit, and integrity.

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50+ checks to validate candidate integrity and skill before, during, and after skill assessments and interviews


  • Capture location + IP​
  • Take profile picture​
  • Photo ID check ​
  • Internet speed test​
  • Camera permissions​
  • Screen share permissions​
  • Microphone/speaker-test​
  • Track multiple attempts​


  • Device tracking alerts: internet browsing, external apps, tab switch, clickstream, copy-paste, screen sharing, webcam/screen feed recording.
  • External tracking alerts: looking away, face not detected, multiple faces, brightness.​
  • Watermarked content​
  • Limit assessment exits​
  • Block multiple attempts​
  • Multi-Device Proctoring​
  • Visual impersonation detection​
  • Track lip syncing
  • Identify deep fakes in video
  • Human voice detection 


  • Cheating probability score​
  • Audit trail of candidate activities​​
  • Candidate duplication check​​
  • Video analysis for suspicious activities​​
  • Code plagiarism check​​
  • Name + email check for duplicates​​
  • Identify phone usage​
  • Audio check, detect multiple voices​


Eliminate fraud and auto-verify integrity for skilled candidates

Multi device proctoring

Track whether candidates are using different devices or multiple screens during assessments to ensure candidates are following test guidelines.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Multi Device Proctoring
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Proctoring Report

AI-proctored skill assessments

Advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities within assessments provide confidence that the candidate has the skills to do the job.

The AI tracks suspicious eye movement, detects whether another person is in the room, outside voices, or whether they are getting help via a virtual desktop.

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AI-proctored interviews

Glider AI provides you with confidence that the person you interview is the same person throughout the entire screen to hire process. No bait and switch.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Interview Proctoring
automated monitoring

Before skill-testing starts, Glider asks candidates for permission to track behaviour from keystrokes, audio, and webcam


Your face is your new fingerprint; Glider's face detection remembers who takes the test, preventing bait and switch.


Glider actively monitors problematic behaviors and patterns from eye movements to plagiarism and anything suspicious.


Hiring teams are provided with a detailed report for each tested candidate, giving you a record to compare competency and integrity. Net, hire the best with Glider.


Sometimes it's innocent, and sometimes it's not. For reassurance, Glider reports possible cheating occurrences, so you have the facts to decide whether to move forward or not.


Now, you have access to a global workforce, making it impossible to meet everyone in person. Our AI monitors everything questionable that happens in the room.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to AI Proctoring, Glider AI provides the most comprehensive, fair, and secure solution.

What is proctoring?

When a skill test/assessment or interview is “proctored,” it means that it is supervised by a neutral party who confirms the identity and surroundings of the environment in which the candidate is taking the test. Glider AI provides AI-enabled proctoring.

What is AI proctoring?

AI proctoring is a form of automated proctoring primarily designed for remote interviews and skill tests. Artificial intelligence monitors and flags suspicious behavior that the hiring party should review.

How does AI proctoring work?

Whether a candidate takes a remote interview or remote skills test, Glider AI will communicate what activities and behaviors are permitted and what are not.

Before taking the assessment or proceeding with the interview, the candidate must agree to the terms. At the end of the proctored session, Glider AI provides a report detailing suspicious activities for the hiring party to review.

What is an example of a non-permissible activity during a proctored test?

The hiring team will decide what activities are permissible and what are not. Glider AI will provide examples to ensure the candidate understands.

Common examples of non-permissible activities: failing to maintain eye contact, people walking in and out of the test/interview room, leaving the room during the test, visiting other websites during the test, etc.

Free AI Proctoring Resources

The growing use cases for AI is truly profound and continues to grow everyday. Explore the following free AI proctoring resources to stay informed and up-to-date on the expanding applications of AI in monitoring and assessment.

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