Candidate Skill Assessment Software

Hire for competency, not credentials

Make every hire the right hire with Glider competency-based skill assessments.

Non-tech skill tests

Validate skill with real-world tasks across hundreds of skills and functional areas.
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Technical skill tests

Assess technical expertise across hundreds of programming languages in a coding environment that simulates your actual code. 
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Behavioral tests

Evaluate the multidimensionality of candidates like aptitude and cognition, behavioral styles and more to ensure fit. 
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Staffing, recruiting, and hiring success based on skill

Confirm job readiness

Glider AI technical skill-based assessments can simulate your tech environment and code so you can understand real-world skill and ability to do the job on day-1!
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Evaluate tech and non-tech skills

Evaluate candidate skills across 250+ technologies and hundreds of non-tech roles to get complete confidence in all your hiring decisions.
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Accelerate hiring with automation

Auto-grading, shortlisting, reporting and more provides you in depth analysis of who you should hire. And, AI-proctoring offers 100% confidence in why you should hire.
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Glider AI skill intelligence platform skill intelligence platform Tech Skill Test
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Non Techncial Technical Skill Tests
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Skill Based Assessments Automation

Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.


Make fair, data-driven, science-based hiring decisions.

Created by experts,
backed by science

Statistical evaluation

Psychologists and data scientists analyze Glider assessments to evaluate difficulty levels, discrimination value, and potential distractors.

Scientific scoring

Certified test raters validate question difficulty and appropriate scoring across all screening tests and assessments.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platformAssessment Software Science Based
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Assessment Software Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity
for everyone

Fairness evaluation 

Multiple parties from varying backgrounds create the assessment, ensuring questions are fair and focus on the candidate ability.

Test validity 

Assessments questions undergo a process to measure how well each question reflects the job requirements and competencies.

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candidates want to see their assessment results
programming languages and hundreds of skills
of diverse candidates prefer assessments to traditional hiring


Multifaceted assessments for multidimensional talent

Technical Skill Tests

200+ programming languages, real-world tasks and scenarios, learn how Glider AI Technical Skill Tests can help you hire the right tech talent, every time.
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Role Based Skill Tests

Evaluate job readiness and competency based on functional roles like sales, marketing, customer service, call center, logistics and hundreds more non-technical roles.
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Cognitive Skill Tests

Understand a candidate's potential, assess dimensions like problem solving, concentration and focus, attention to detail, attention to detail and hundreds more.
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Behavioral Assessments

Confirm a candidates fitness for a role by evaluation behaviors from management style, how they manage stress, and work habits.
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Personality Tests

Get answers if a candidate's personality suited for the role and assess attributes that ensure person-job fit and person-organization fit. 
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Industry Skill Tests

Assess a candidate's subject matter expertise for industry specific knowledge.
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Frequently asked questions

The Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ is the most comprehensive suite of recruiting software, here are  some commonly asked questions:

What is Glider AI Candidate Skill Assessment Software?

Glider AI Candidate Skill Assessment Software is an advanced online assessment platform designed to streamline and enhance the candidate evaluation process during hiring. It offers a comprehensive suite of candidate assessment tools, enabling HR professionals and hiring managers to conduct talent assessment tests efficiently and effectively.

How does Glider AI differ from other online testing platforms?

Glider AI stands out as a top-notch candidate assessment software due to its powerful AI-driven evaluation capabilities. It utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning to provide accurate and unbiased candidate insights, enabling organizations to make data-driven hiring decisions.

What are the key features of Glider AI Candidate Skill Assessment Software?

Glider AI offers a range of features, including customizable assessments, skill-based testing, real-time analytics, candidate comparison tools, automated scoring, and detailed performance reports. These features ensure a seamless assessment experience and improved talent assessment outcomes.

How secure is Glider AI for conducting online assessments?

Glider AI places paramount importance on security and data privacy. The platform implements robust encryption protocols, secure servers, and strict access controls to safeguard sensitive candidate information throughout the assessment process.

How can Glider AI's candidate assessment tools optimize our hiring process?

Glider AI's candidate assessment tools enable you to identify top talent efficiently, reduce time-to-hire, and minimize recruitment costs. By automating the evaluation process, it eliminates manual biases, delivering more accurate and unbiased insights to make informed hiring decisions.

Can Glider AI help us identify high-potential candidates for future roles?

Yes, Glider AI's talent assessment tests not only evaluate current skills but also assess candidates' potential and ability to learn and adapt. This valuable insight can help you identify candidates who possess the qualities needed for future leadership and growth within your organization.

Can Glider AI be integrated with our existing HR assessment tools and systems?

Yes, Glider AI is designed with flexibility in mind. It can seamlessly integrate with various HR assessment tools and talent management systems, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced functionality for your hiring process.

Can Glider AI handle both technical and non-technical hiring assessments?

Absolutely. Glider AI's versatile assessment platform is capable of conducting assessments for various domains, including technical, non-technical, and behavioral evaluations. It caters to a wide range of job roles and industries, making it suitable for diverse hiring needs.

Is Glider AI suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises?

Absolutely. Glider AI is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, the platform's scalability and customizable assessments ensure a tailored approach to suit your unique hiring requirements.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

Skill Assessment Software Resources

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