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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Glider AI High Volume Hiring

How high volume hiring works

Automate tasks and screening to prequalify at speed and scale.

Get in front of hard to reach talent via WhatsApp and social!

Integrate with your hr tech stack to make smart hiring decisions.

Use AI to shortlist and rank the best talent for the job.

Engage talent in a branded experience to show why you!

Connect with the right candidates faster

No matter the job or the industry, the Glider Talent Quality platform offers solutions that get you the best person for every hire:

Validate real-world ability with simulated skill tests for tech and non-tech roles

Glider AI can simulate real-world tasks, whether that's a programming test replicated in your environment, using standard functional software tools like Salesforce, talking to a customer, or working in a warehouse.

Evaluate candidates with actual tasks required of the role. Create scenarios and watch candidates work with live video and a shared workspace, or watch a recorded video on your own time.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform SOLUTIONS VOLUME HIRING
Glider AI skill intelligence platform SOLUTIONS VOLUME HIRING

Keep interviews fair and consistent with a standardized recruiting process

No matter the job you're looking to fill, Glider standardizes tests, so you're evaluating everyone on the same criteria so that process is fair. Proctoring, plagiarism score and key-by-key replay give you confidence in the results.

Standardization gives you the objectivity to base hiring on data like performance and fitness for the role and your team.

Use pre-built tests or create your own with 30+ question types, including video to gauge a candidate's skill level, personality traits, functional knowledge and fit.

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Connect, collaborate and engage top candidates with interactive assessments and interviews

Evaluating someone for a position isn't always binary; you also have to look at the soft skills for customer-facing roles and team collaboration. With Glider, you can interface with candidates during the assessment and interview process, such as working on a collaborative task or drawing a process flow to solve a customer challenge.

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SOLUTIONS VOLUME HIRING Glider AI skill intelligence platform
SOLUTIONS VOLUME HIRING Glider AI skill intelligence platform

Remove repetitive tasks like scheduling, stakeholder feedback, and note taking

Glider AI can automate your hiring workflow from the initial screen, evaluation, and hiring, such as candidate stack ranking and talent pool creation, to performance and disqualification.

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Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.