Behavioral & Psychometric Assessments

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Glider AI behavioral and psychometric assessments give you the big picture on who to hire and why.

Glider AI Psychometric Assesments


Don't just hire who "can do," hire who will do the job and thrive

Developed by Industrial-Organizational Psychologists to ensure valid, reliable, and fair psychometric assessments. When you hire with Glider, you hire right for every hire.

Glider AI Psychometric Assessments Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessments

Integrating cognitive assessments into your hiring process is a strategic necessity. Fifty years of research prove professionally developed cognitive assessments outperform traditional job interviews by 4x. Glider AI cognitive assessments gauge candidates' learning capacity, critical thinking, adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

Verbal Reasoning

Assess a candidate's comprehension, vocabulary, and logical reasoning skills through written information.

Numerical Reasoning

Evaluate a candidate's mathematical aptitude, numerical reasoning, and the ability to work with numerical data.

Spatial Reasoning

Assess ability to visualize and manipulate objects in space, including mental rotation and spatial relations.

Abstract Reasoning

Test abstract thinking and problem-solving skills without using specific knowledge or language.


Evaluate short-term memory, long-term memory, and working memory capacity.


Assess a candidate's ability to focus, maintain attention, and shift attention as needed.

Processing Speed

Understand how quickly and accurately a candidate can process and respond to information.

Executive Functioning

Test a candidate's higher-order cognitive skills such as planning, organization, mental flexibility, and impulse control.

Glider AI Psychometric Assessments Interests Assessment

Interests based assessments

Glider interest-based assessments match interests with career paths, benefiting employees and employers with improved job satisfaction, higher morale, reduced turnover, and increased productivity.

Career Preferences

Assess candidates' preferences and interests regarding potential career paths and job roles.


Evaluate compatibility with different work environments, such as collaborative, independent, fast-paced, or structured settings

Skill Alignment

Assess how candidates' interests align with existing skills, identifying areas of strength and potential growth.


Evaluate candidates' levels of motivation and engagement when considering different job roles and tasks.

Long-Term Goals

Assess candidate aspirations and ambitions for long-term career development, like desired trajectory and milestones.

Personal Values

Ensure a cultural fit between candidates and organizations through alignment of mission and values

Job Satisfaction

Identify what's most important for candidates, such as autonomy, challenge, opportunity for growth, and work-life balance.

Career Adaptability

Assess candidates' readiness and willingness to adapt to changing career opportunities, industries, or job market demands.

Glider AI Psychometric Assessments Personality Assessment

Personality assessments

Use Glider personality assessments to identify candidates with traits and characteristics that align with specific job requirements. Our personality assessments match the right personality to the right role or team so you can optimize productivity and success within your company.


Assess the degree to which candidates are organized, responsible, and diligent in their approach to work.


Evaluate interpersonal tendencies, including friendliness, empathy, cooperation, and willingness to collaborate.


Guage sociability, assertiveness, and comfort in social interactions and networking opportunities.

Emotional resilience

Understand emotional resilience, stress tolerance, and ability to remain calm under pressure.


Assess curiosity, creativity, flexibility, and willingness to explore new ideas, experiences, and approaches to problem-solving.


Evaluate alignment with the values, norms, and expectations of the organization's culture, ensuring a good fit between candidates and the workplace environment.


Identify leadership qualities, including ability to inspire others, make decisions, take initiative, and motivate others.

Work Style

Understand preferred creation styles, such as autonomy, collaboration, structure, or flexibility, to determine compatibility with job roles and team dynamics.

Glider AI Psychometric Assessments Situational Judgement Assessment

Situational judgement assessments

Situational judgment assessments assess candidates' ability to make sound decisions by presenting common scenarios in their job. Glider measures a candidate's problem-solving skills and ability to use judgment in daily tasks and interactions, which also help candidates assess whether the job is right for them.


Assess ability to analyze complex situations, identify key issues, and generate effective solutions.


Evaluate capacity to make sound decisions based on information available, while considering potential consequences.


Understand ability to communicate effectively and professionally, both orally and in writing, in different workplace scenarios.

Interpersonal Skills

Gauge ability to interact positively and constructively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.


Evaluate leadership qualities, like taking charge, inspiring others, and motivating a team toward common goals.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Understand willingness and adaptability to changing circumstances, priorities, and how to manage unexpected challenges.

Ethical Reasoning

Assess ethical reasoning and integrity to ensure honesty, fairness, and adherence to ethical standards.

Customer Focus

Commitment to excellent service to customers from understanding needs to meeting or exceeding expectations.

An all-in-one solution for holistic candidate evaluation

Humans are complex but recruiting the right person shouldn't be, use Glider to get a 360-degree view on your candidates to hire for skill, fit, and interest.

Assess personality traits, skills and cultural fit with robust psychometric and behavioral assessments

Access a library of IO vetted assessments to fast track candidate evaluation

Ensure candidate integrity with AI-proctoring to gain confidence in hiring

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Glider AI Skills Intelligence Platform Psychometric
Glider AI Skills Intelligence Platform Psychometric

Get the best hire for every hire

Understand qualitative and quantitative skills

Assess logic, reasoning, attention and memory skills

Evaluate situational awareness and management

Assess problem solving and outside the box thinking

Gauge decision-making abilities and stress management

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With almost every organization now testing the soft skills and behavioral traits of the candidate, Check out these free resources offering comprehensive tools and guidance to enhance your hiring process, ensuring better alignment between candidates and your organization's culture and values.