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Approach to Security, Compliance, and Privacy

Protection of Glider AI client, partner, and candidate data is critical to our business operations and maintained across our suite products and services. In this article we share our approach on keeping candidate, partner, and client data safe and in compliance with various governmental and organization specific requirements. For questions or comments  about our practices, […]

How AI Recruitment Can Reduce Bias in Hiring

Introduction In the quest for a more equitable workplace, companies across industries are striving to reduce bias in their hiring processes. Bias, whether conscious or unconscious, can significantly impact the diversity and inclusivity of an organization. It affects who gets hired, who gets promoted, and ultimately, who thrives within a company. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in […]

How to Conduct a Technical Evaluation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Conducting a thorough technical evaluation is crucial for hiring the best talent in the technology sector. Technical evaluations help to ensure that candidates possess the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their roles. With the rapid advancement of technology, traditional interview methods are no longer sufficient. Utilizing AI and automated tools can significantly […]

Are you Ready for AI-Driven Workforce Development?

Introduction  No longer relegated to science fiction, AI is well and truly here — and it’s fundamentally changing how companies train and upskill their people.  However, because the shift has been so sudden, many employers do not fully understand AI’s potential, much less how to leverage it for workforce development.  How do you take full advantage […]

Tips to Optimize Your Tech Hiring Process with AI

Here’s a sobering fact: Only a third of companies manage to fill vacant positions within a month, while the majority spend four months (sometimes even longer) in this pursuit. This is especially true for the tech industry, which is currently experiencing a talent shortage. The mass adoption of remote hiring has also expanded opportunities for […]

How to Conduct a Screening Interview: Tips and Best Practices

Introduction A screening interview is an essential step in the recruitment process designed to evaluate whether a candidate possesses the basic qualifications required for a specific role. It acts as a filter, allowing employers to manage large volumes of applications efficiently by identifying the most suitable candidates early on. This initial assessment helps save time […]

Mastering the Pre-Screening Interview: Your Ultimate Guide

A pre-screening interview is an essential part of the hiring process, acting as a preliminary check to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications before moving on to more in-depth interviews. Understanding how to prepare for and excel in a pre-screening interview can significantly boost your chances of landing your desired job. Here’s everything you […]

How to Prepare for a Screening Interview: Tips and Strategies

Screening interviews are a crucial first step in the hiring process, serving as an initial filter to identify the most promising candidates. Whether you’re facing a traditional phone call, an AI screening interview, or a video conference, being well-prepared can make a significant difference. Here’s how to prepare for a screening interview and make a […]

The Purpose of a Screening Interview: How It Benefits Both Employers and Candidates

Introduction A screening interview is an initial, brief job interview conducted to assess whether a candidate is qualified for a particular role. This step is crucial in the hiring process, allowing employers to narrow down a large pool of applicants to the most promising candidates who will proceed to the next stages of the interview […]

Ultimate Guide to Screening Interviews for Recruiters

Screening interviews are a crucial first step in the hiring process, designed to determine whether a job applicant meets the basic qualifications for a position. By efficiently filtering out unqualified candidates, recruiters save time and resources for both parties involved. This pillar page will delve into the essentials of screening interviews, including their importance, types, […]

Top Screening Interview Questions for Recruiters to Ask Candidates

What is a Screening Interview? Screening interviews are an initial step in the hiring process, designed to evaluate whether a job applicant meets the basic requirements for a position. Typically shorter and more focused than in-depth interviews, screening interviews help recruiters quickly identify suitable candidates for further evaluation. These interviews can be conducted over the […]

Screening Interview Cheat Sheet for Recruiters

Interview screening is a vital component of the hiring process. When a team has an open position, it can disrupt morale and hinder productivity. This often pressures hiring managers to fill the vacancy quickly. The absence of a team member can lead to a backlog of work and delays, especially if the role is specialized. […]

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