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Sophisticated algorithms surface candidates with the right skills and fit that typical searches miss.

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Automatically assess candidates to focus your time on those with proven abilities.

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Attract today’s job seekers and improve your productivity with innovative mobile tools.

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Instead of endless searching, let Glider’s algorithms deliver top-notch candidates to your desktop. People with the right skills who fit your org and are ready to make a move. Put the bot to work on your regular sources, or on our candidate database.

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Automatically assess candidates in a wide variety of ways – traditional assessments, performance tasks or live video with screensharing – to make sure your team’s interviewing time is well spent. Use our free assessment library, create your own questions, or mix and match.

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Connect with the the most qualified and likely to move candidates right on their mobile device. Easily coordinate in-person, phone or online interviews. Prepare your team with interview kits, rate candidates and collaborate on hiring decisions.

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