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Recruit top talent with Artificial Intelligence

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Save time. Make better hiring decisions backed by data.

A.I.-powered stack rank

Let A.I. stack rank your candidates and send personalized messages based on qualifications

Auto-scored screening

Easily single out qualified candidates with real-world tasks, even if you’re not technical.

Video interviews

Watch potential salespeople or remote workers answer video questions from their computer or mobile device.

Auto-scored screening tasks

Recommend technical candidates to your engineering team with confidence. Add a technical task to your regular phone screen, automatically scored by Glider, and back up your hiring decisions with data.

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Real-world engineering simulations

Instead of trying to gauge technical skill through puzzles and questions, watch them work through a real-life task in your own environment. See how much they know with a shared workspace – even on the candidate’s local machine – and talk through it on embedded video or chat.

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Video interviews

Find out if your sales candidate has the ability to get the appointment and close the sale. Send a quick video interview that your candidate can even do on a mobile device.


A.I.-powered stack ranking

Put Glider to work on all of those resumes that wind up in the B-pile. We’ll stack rank them for you and send a personalized message based on their rank. Automatically send a video interview request or quick task to the top candidates and to find the hidden gems you should move forward with.

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Glider helps companies hire better candidates faster

“Using Glider in our hiring process was an absolute success, to say the least.”


“Glider helped us speed up the hiring and brought quality to the table as well.”

LeadSquare transforms hiring with Glider

Automating the process with Glider has cut the screening time by 75%