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Top talent doesn't wait, streamline your screen-to-hire process with one way video interview software.

Glider AI skill intelligence platform One Way Video Interview Sotfware


Step 1

Add interview questions

Step 2

Invite candidates

Step 3

Review responses, progress top candidates


Fast, unbiased, and convenient interviews

Reveal who's behind the resume

Screening resumes and interviewing candidates is inefficient and costly, with Glider it’s anything but. Glider one-way video interviews give candidates color, let their personalities shine and assess soft skills like communication.

Remove interview bias

Share candidate responses with stakeholders, collect their feedback, and stack rank candidates ready to progress to the next step, whether a live interview or an offer to hire.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Technical Interview Software Ensures Candidate Identity
Glider AI skill intelligence platform One Way Video Interviews Offer Maximum Flexibility

Flexibility for you and candidates

One-Way Video Interviews eliminate schedule juggling and pre-screen phone interviews. Send your interview request to potential candidates, await their response at times that work for all parties.

Improve your interview experience

Customize the interview experience to reflect your brand, leaving a memorable impression of your company and let candidates bring their personalities to life in video responses.

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Fast track stakeholder feedback

All candidates are given the same questions and requirements, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to present themselves. The standardized interview process also helps improve screening efficiency and you’re comparing candidates more objectively.

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform one way video interviews accelerate stakeholder feedback

Automation features and question library improve interviewing efficiency.


Send to candidates anywhere in the world to broaden your talent pool and diversity.


Eliminate schedule juggling, send bulk invites, and collect stakeholder feedback in one click.


Set an automated interview flow to build a talent pool of qualified candidates for current and future roles.


Remove bias and create consistent interviews with structured interview formats and stakeholder reviews.


Add branding elements like logos, videos, and teammates to show why candidates should work for you.

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Recruit smarter with Glider

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

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Frequently asked questions

The Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ offers the most comprehensive suite of hiring and recruiting software, here are some commonly asked questions about the Glider AI interview software product.

What are one way interviews?

Glider AI one-way interviews are asynchronous (pre-recorded) interviews, you record interview questions and share them with candidates, and they reply with a pre-recorded response. One-way video interviews give you and your candidates maximum flexibility; you can interview anywhere in any time zone.

What is a live-coding interview?

Live-coding interviews are offered in real-time and available in a one-on-one format or as a panel. You meet in an IDE (integrated development environment) and work on live coding tasks. In Glider, live-coding interviews can simulate real-world coding environments.

What is a two-way video interview?

A two-way video interview or virtual interview allows you to meet candidates one-on-one or as a panel. Glider two-way video interviews are collaborative and allow you to whiteboard problems together and role-play work situations or scenarios.

What is AI Proctoring for video interviews?

With Glider AI, we offer AI-enabled proctoring that can help detect suspicious activities like outside help, virtual desktop support, and plagiarism. Glider AI can also help verify whether the candidate is the same candidate throughout the entire screen to interview to hire process.

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