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Hiring for Technology

Tech comes in all shapes, sizes and evolves at lightning speed. With Glider, evaluate candidates across hundreds of programming languages across roles like Software Developers, Data Engineers, Big Data Analysts, UI/UX Designers, Automation Engineers, Cloud Architects, IT Support Staff, Product designers, and more.
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Hiring for Logistics

Hire local or global, full time or contingent, shipping to supply chains, assess talent best suited for the logistics industry. Whether you are looking to hire a Purchasing Manager, Procurement Consultant, Category Manager, Supply Chain Manager or a Logistics Engineer, Glider's Hiring Tools can be used end-to-end, from screening to interview.
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Hiring for Call Center

Access assessments for voice processes, chat processes, inbound calling, outbound calling to help you evaluate if you can put this person in front of a customer? You can even evaluate managerial acumen with assessments that gauge expertise across Resource Planning, Operations Management, Digital Contact Director, Team Leader and more.
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Hiring for Healthcare

For a good reason, the healthcare industry comes with a lot of compliance and regulations. It's critical to hire someone who understands the particulars when your job is saving lives. Use Glider to assess competency and fit across frontline roles like Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and Pharmacists. Glider can even help you evaluate niche roles such as Occupational Therapists, Home Health Aides, Medical Technologists, and more.
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Hiring for Insurance

Protecting investments and your loved ones starts with hiring the right candidates. Glider helps you live up to your promise. Customizable assessments and interviews designed for the insurance industry allow you to assess the depth and breadth of the insurance industry from homeowners, renters, life, medical, and more.
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Hiring for Financial Services

Things get serious when you manage money. Glider covers key financial roles from junior to leadership positions. Evaluate talent in Accounting, Personal Banking, Analytics, FP&A, Financial Consulting, Trading, Portfolio Management, and more.
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Hiring for Hospitality

Seasonal or full-time, Glider can help you find the talent that will make your destination, event, or experience so memorable they'll want to keep wanting more. Hospitality assessments include Event Planners, Concierge, Hotel Managers, Group Sales Managers, Executive Chefs, Customer Relationship Managers, Spa Managers, and more.
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Hiring for Professional Services

Your people can make or break your business. Finding talent who have both the skill and share company core values is a competitive advantage. With Glider, you can assess functional expertise and soft skills like negotiation, communication, and relationship building.
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