Make hiring fair
and accessible

With Glider AI ADA recruiting, accommodating candidates regardless of disability, ensures they have equal access to your job opportunities.

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More options to support all accommodation needs

Ability to allocate extra time for the candidate taking the assessment

Additional options for assessments or tests such as live interviews, pre-recorded interviews, phone interviews and more

Assessment customization such as dark/light themes, high contrast options, font sizes, etc


Accommodating different needs to make the hiring process fair is easy with Glider

No matter the disability, we believe hiring should be predicated on skill and fit for the job. 
Glider AI ADA is quick and easy to implement, here's how:

Step 1

Candidates voluntarily self-identify disability

Step 2

You approve the accommodations request

Step 3

Approved candidates access ADA features

Glider makes hiring fair and opportunity accessible!

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