Live Coding Interview Software

Code and collaborate with top tech candidates

Glider AI Live Coding Interview Software can simulate any IT or programming environment to confirm job readiness.

live coding interview experience

Technical breadth

250+ technologies and programming languages

Technical Depth

Real-world simulations replicate on-the-job coding tasks

Skill Integrity

AI-proctoring confirms candidate integrity

Live Coding Interview Software Benefits

Glider Live Coding Interviews make hiring top tech talent easy and fast

Verify if candidates can do the job on your technology stack

Glider simulates your actual programming environment with tasks so real you can evaluate candidate ability to do the job on day-1.

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Glider AI Technical Interview Software Verify Candidate Skill
Glider AI skill intelligence platform LiveCodingInterviews

Evaluate how they will work with your team

Solve simple coding challenges, work on full-stack engineering scenarios, facilitate brainstorms, whiteboard solutions together to assess work quality, collaboration and communication skills.

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Create an immersive candidate experience

Coding and collaboration is easy in the Glider Interactive Developer Environment (IDE), evaluate skill from front end to full stack or anything you need.

The Glider IDE provides candidates with customization like: Autocomplete, Syntax Highlighting, Inline Documentation on Hover, Configurable Settings and Themes, Hotkeys, and much more!

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Glider AI skill intelligence platform Technical Interview Software Top Candidate Experience
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Technical Interview Software Ensures Candidate Identity

Be confident about candidate identity

AI-proctoring verifies identity and checks impersonation, lip-syncing, and plagiarism across multiple screens and devices, giving you 100% confidence in all hiring decisions.

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Improve diversity and hiring objectivity

Glider provides filters to help improve diversity to mask personally identifiable information about candidates so interviewers can make objective and data-driven hiring decisions.

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Glider AI DE&I enabled interviews
Glider AI skill intelligence platform Technical Interview Software Accelerates Hiring

Make hiring fast and fair

Glider standardizes interviews with templates and a questions library, keeping interviews consistent so you can scale and keep them fair.

Automated recordings, scheduling, scoring, and feedback improves hiring efficiency and creates a better candidate experience.

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All the features you need to interview top technical talent


250+ supported technologies allow you to test for almost any tech skill set.


Glider simulates your tech environment in an IDE so you can assess candidates in depth.


Automate the screening process like scoring, collecting feedback, and next steps.


Operate with top security and privacy standards from GDPR to CCPA and more.


Connect your interview data with your ATS, HRIMS and more.


Feedback, shortlist, playback, + next steps; all automated to accelerate hiring of top talent.


Code together, whiteboard together, solve problems collaboratively with candidates.


Interview templates and a questions library keep interviews fair, consistent, and fast.


Connect the entire interview to hire process in one platform to accelerate hiring.

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Recruit smarter with Glider

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

Frequently asked questions

The Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ offers the most comprehensive suite of hiring and recruiting software, here are some commonly asked questions about the Glider AI interview software product.

What is a live-coding interview

Live-coding interviews are offered in real-time and available in a one-on-one format or as a panel. You meet in an IDE (integrated development environment) and work on live coding tasks. In Glider, live-coding interviews can simulate real-world coding environments.

What is a one-way video interview?

Glider AI one-way video interviews are asynchronous (pre-recorded) interviews, you record interview questions and share them with candidates, and they reply with a pre-recorded response. One-way video interviews give you and candidates maximum flexibility; you can interview anywhere in any time zone.

What is a two-way video interview?

A two-way video interview or virtual interview allows you to meet candidates one-on-one or as a panel. Glider two-way video interviews are collaborative and allow you to whiteboard problems together and role-play work situations or scenarios.

What is AI Proctoring for video interviews?

With Glider AI, we offer AI-enabled proctoring that can help detect suspicious activities like outside help, virtual desktop support, and plagiarism. Glider AI can also help verify whether the candidate is the same candidate throughout the entire screen to interview to hire process.

How is Glider AI interview software sold?

Glider AI interview software is available as a standalone offering or as part of the entire talent quality platform suite to support all your recruiting needs. Our interview software is available on a license basis or through an enterprise hiring program. Please contact sales to understand pricing better.

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Live Coding Interview Free Resources

Ensure better alignment between candidates' coding abilities and your organization's technical requirements, fostering a more efficient and effective recruitment process with these free resources.