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What is Glider AI?

We're a Skill Intelligence Platform™ helping Enterprises, MSPs, and Suppliers validate, place, and hire qualified talent at scale.


To make hiring fair and opportunity accessible


Quality first, bias never, and integrity always.


Create a system of record for skill.

Our Story

Glider AI goes back to our CEO's humble beginnings in India. Dedication, work ethic, and a strong family network enabled Satish to find success. But he saw many others like him, equally capable, struggle and continue to struggle. This catapulted the idea of Glider into flight to create a platform helping hiring teams build their dream team and candidates land their dream job.

Company Leadership

Our Values


Integrity embodies who we are, how we solve problems, the products we build, and how we work with everyone–open, true, respectful.


We seek and inspire change to help companies hire better and enable candidates to take the job that meets their skills and ambitions.


We dream big, analyse what seems impossible and ask why. Insatiable curiosity helps us innovate better ways of doing everything from the finest detail to the loftiest idea.


Tangible, practical and positive. Whether it's big or small, the question we ask on everything we do: What positive impact will this have for our customers, partners, and team?


Charter a flight to your dream job!

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