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Meet and present qualified talent without scheduling or SME challenges using AI-Guided Screening Interviews.

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Screening Interview Features

Glider takes screening from hours to minutes

AI Questions

Upload a JD and our AI will generate relevant and vetted questions

AI EValuation

AI looks at factors from skill to fit so you submit the best candidates

AI Guidance

AI actively assists during interviews, prompting questions and more

Interview Summaries

Each candidate interview contains summary, transcript, and highlights


Based on the JD, skills are automatically matches to the job


Transparent monitoring eliminates fraud and suspicious behaviors

ATS Integrations

Launch Glider from your ATS and and update ATS with interview data

Performance Reports

Insights to optimize interview process and recruiter performance

Candidate REPORTS

Client ready reports to expedite candidate submissions


Less work to close more roles

Staffing leaders

Help recruiters close more roles and improve revenue per placement.
Reduced time and costs
Upskill your recruiters
Faster path to revenue


Scale your level 1 screening interviews and earn more client business.
No waiting for SMEs
Easier to qualify skill
Client ready candidate reports
AI Guided Screening Interviews Glider AI 2

Eliminate interview prep

Glider handles time-consuming screening prep. Our AI instantly populates vetted interview questions and skills based on the job description.

Maximize convenience

Launch Glider directly from your ATS to meet available candidates in a live video interview, or use automated scheduling for future interviews.

Interview like a SME

Our AI guides recruiters, prompting questions while analyzing responses so you're not dependent on expensive SMEs to meet and validate skills.

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Present qualified candidates fast

The traditional screening interview process is tedious. Glider rates candidates by skill in a client-ready report, reducing time-to-submit.

Fair, data-driven interview screening

From question creation to candidate ranking, our AI provides data to inform recruiting decisions, leveling opportunities for everyone.

Optimize future screening interviews

Use our performance reports to see what's working (or not) to optimize future screening interviews for faster, more successful placements.

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How it works

Fly from JD to presenting qualified candidates, fast!

Create the interview

Recruiters identify candidates, launch Glider to generate questions

Evaluate the candidate

AI evaluates and scores candidate responses with interview summary 

Present to client

Recruiters present stack-ranked candidates with skill reports to clients for review.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

Frequently asked questions

See below for common questions and answers related our AI Guided Screening Interviews. Just reach out if you need further clarification, we're here to help!

What is AI recruitment?

AI recruiting uses artificial intelligence tech, like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and data analytics, to automate and improve recruiting processes. AI uses algorithms to streamline candidate sourcing, screening, skill assessments, proctoring, and more. Glider AI leverages advanced AI algorithms to ensure a more efficient and unbiased recruitment process.

Does AI replace human recruiters?

AI is not meant to replace human recruiters but instead augment their capabilities. AI can handle repetitive and mundane tasks, helping recruiters focus on strategic and relationship-building aspects of recruiting. Glider AI firmly believes human judgment and decision-making are still essential for evaluating cultural fit, conducting interviews, and making final hiring decisions.

What is a pre-screening interview?

A pre-screening interview is an initial interview conducted to evaluate a candidate's basic qualifications and suitability for a role before they proceed to more in-depth interviews. This stage typically involves questions about the candidate's background, skills, and experience. Pre-screening interviews help in filtering out candidates who do not meet the essential criteria, thus saving time for both recruiters and candidates.

What is AI guided screening interview?

An AI-guided screening interview uses artificial intelligence to automate and improve the screening process. Glider AI can prompt relevant interview questions based on the job description and candidate profile, evaluate responses, and provide instant reports. This ensures a consistent and unbiased evaluation process, helping recruiters make better-informed decisions quickly.

What is the purpose of a pre-screening interview?

The purpose of a pre-screening interview is to quickly identify and shortlist candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and fit for the job. This process helps in narrowing down the candidate pool, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates move forward in the recruitment process. It aims to save time and resources by focusing on candidates who are likely to succeed in the role.

How AI helps recruiters in screening interviews?

AI assists recruiters in screening interviews by automating the evaluation process, reducing the time and effort required to assess each candidate. Glider AI can analyze resumes, generate interview questions, and score responses with high accuracy. Glider AI helps recruiters in identifying the best candidates more efficiently and objectively, ensuring a fair and streamlined recruitment process.

What are pre-screening interview tests?

Pre-screening interview tests are assessments used during the pre-screening phase to evaluate a candidate's skills and qualifications. These tests can include technical assessments, personality tests, and situational judgment tests, among others. The goal is to objectively measure a candidate's capabilities and fit for the role early in the hiring process. Glider AI handles time-consuming screening prep as it instantly populates vetted interview questions and skills based on the job description.

How screening interview software improves hiring decisions?

Screening interview software improves hiring decisions by automating and standardizing the recruitment process. It ensures that all candidates are assessed using the same criteria, reducing bias and improving the accuracy of hiring decisions. Glider AI can handle large volumes of applications efficiently, reducing time and costs while shortlisting the best candidates based on their qualifications and fit for the role. Screening interview softwares prompt questions while analyzing responses so recruiters are not depended on expensive SMEs to meet and validate skills.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.



your placement rates
assess hundreds of programming languages and functional skills
candidate quality