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Pre qualify candidate expertise and fit with AI-phone screening software

With AI-guided phone screening, recruiters can pre-qualify deep tech and subject matter expertise without requiring an expert.

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Glider AI Phone Screen to pre screen and pre qualify candidates for skill and fit

Phone Screening Features

Screen like you're the pro without expensive experts


AI guides the interviewer with questions and answers so you don't need an expert to screen for skill.


Hundreds of interactive questions for tech & non-tech roles, at any experience level.


Interviews are auto-recorded, summarizing insights to share with stakeholders, speeding up the interview process.


Glider AI phone screen connects with the ATS and automates repetitive tasks to accelerate screening.


Guided conversations have the added benefit of training your recruiters on deep subject matter and interview techniques.


AI guided phone screens follow the same format for everyone, making sure that all candidates are interviewed equally.


As recruiters use phone screen to vet candidates, Glider AI captures skill intelligence to help you understand who is the best person for this role and future roles.


Vetted questions & templates ensures fair and consistent screening for all applicants.


Connect with your entire HR tech stack including your ATS, VMS, HRMS, CRM, and more.


Accelerate the hiring of top talent

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

Talent Quality from initial screen to final hire!

Engage, assess, interview, and up skill top talent for any role, across every
industry, for full-time, permanent and contingent hiring programs.

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Recruit smarter with Glider

Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

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Frequently asked questions

Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ addresses all stages of the recruiting funnel, our AI undergoes constant evaluation to ensure recruiting fairness, transparency, and adherence with legislation.

What is AI-guided phone screening and how does it help with candidate evaluation?

AI-guided phone screening is a feature provided by Glider AI that uses artificial intelligence to assist recruiters in assessing candidate expertise. It allows recruiters to pre-qualify deep tech and subject matter expertise without relying on an expert interviewer. This helps in evaluating candidates' qualifications and suitability for specific roles.

How does AI-guided phone screening aid in candidate selection?

AI-guided phone screening interviews play a crucial role in the candidate selection process. By analyzing candidate responses using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, recruiters can gain a greater insight into candidates' deep tech and subject matter expertise. This helps in the decision making process when qualifying candidates for the next steps.

How does AI-guided phone screening help in identifying qualified candidates?

With AI-guided phone screening, recruiters can identify qualified candidates by assessing responses to pre-set questions related to deep tech and subject matter expertise. The AI algorithms analyze these responses, providing valuable insights into the candidates' qualifications and enabling recruiters to quickly shortlist candidates who fit the desired criteria.

Can AI-guided phone screening replace the need for expert interviewers in candidate evaluation?

While AI-guided phone screening enhances candidate evaluation, it is not intended to replace the need for expert interviewers entirely. Expert interviewers play a critical role in assessing a candidate’s overall and cultural fit for a role and conducting in-depth interviews. AI-guided screening merely complements this process by pre-qualifying candidates.

How does AI-guided phone screening save time in the candidate selection process?

AI-guided phone screening saves time by automating the initial evaluation of candidates. Recruiters can rapidly pre-qualify candidates giving them time to focus on evaluating a smaller pool of qualified candidates. This streamlines the candidate selection process and increases overall efficiency.

Is candidate data and interview information secure during AI-guided phone screening?

Yes, Glider AI ensures the security and privacy of candidate data and interview information during AI-guided phone screening. The platform adheres to strict data protection regulations, keeping candidate information confidential and secure throughout all stages of the process.

Can AI-guided phone screening be integrated with existing recruitment systems?

Yes, Glider AI's phone screening feature can be seamlessly integrated with existing recruitment or applicant tracking systems. This integration ensures that recruiters can easily access and manage candidate evaluation results within their existing workflow.

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