Five Questions To Ask During Technical Interviews

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Updated on May 2, 2023

The world of the online interview has arrived. Technical interviews are becoming hard to stay on top of new technologies and learn how to apply them to your workflow. If you are seeking a job in the IT industry, you will know what we are talking about. Landing a job in an IT company is rather difficult. There are many job candidates and you can never be sure which technical interview questions are waiting for you. Since we know how hard it is to cut through the noise and land the job of your dreams, we have decided to help you. Here, you will find answers on how to prepare for technical interviews. Let’s see which are the 5 most common technical interview questions.

Can You Describe Your Last Setback on Work?

The work environment in the IT industry is very dynamic. Minor setbacks occur on a daily basis, and the major ones are not as rare as you might think. Interviewers usually use this question in an online interview to check how you will deal with a setback. Do you see it as a personal failure? This is a perfect way for them to check how you deal with responsibility and if you are honest about it. What you did after the setback is also very important. Your reactions in this scenario reflect your resilience and your dedication to making things work. Employers want to give a chance to people who are spearheaded and dedicated to what they are doing even after they experience a professional setback.

Do You Use Any Online Resources While Working?

You might be knowing how to succeed in a virtual job interview. Yet, only the most experienced programmers can work on the code without referring to external resources, and even they have to use them to go around the challenges more efficiently. There is nothing wrong with disclosing any websites or platforms that you use to get the job done. Many of your colleagues use Github and StackExchange, and websites similar to these ones on a daily basis. On top of that, there are various useful blogs, YouTube channels, social media feeds, podcasts, and online communities. The more things you use the better, as it sends a clear message to the interviewer about how engaged you are with your profession and the IT world in general. Feel free to explain why you use those resources in the online interview, and how it helps you become better at what you do.

How Would You Explain “Technology” to a Non-tech Person?


You might be knowing how to rock the coding interview. But an interviewer can check how well you understand the relevant technologies, even through an online interview. There’s a catch here. If you are starting out in the IT world, you are probably not aware of the importance of IT departments in organizations. IT specialists have to communicate with non-tech people. The success of a project depends on the quality of this communication, especially in the IT department – marketing and IT department – customer support/service channels.

It is important to avoid using pro terminology and to stay as pragmatic as possible. So, this is the technical recruiter’s approach for interviews. Expect the interviewers to follow up with even more ridiculous questions just to double-check your patience and see how you explain something that you deem common knowledge.

Which of the SDLC Methodologies Do You Personally Prefer?

SDLC or the software development life cycle methodologies are developed to make the software production streamlined and error-free. While all of these methodologies provide tangible results, some of them are better than others. The IT world favors the Agile SDLC methodology because it helps teams identify and fix benign issues on projects before they become costly problems. This is one of the most common technical questions in an online interview, and its goal is to help interviewers see how well the candidate understands popular methodologies. On top of that, by answering this question, you will disclose your attitude toward communication and collaboration in a dynamic workplace. May we suggest a bit of research on all popular SDLC methodologies, including Agile, Lean, Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, and DevOps. Feel free to share your own experience, and point out the benefits of the SDLC methodology you have experience with.

How Do You Stay Current With New Technologies?


When it comes to technical interview preparation, learning a few more things can only work in your favor. This question has become very popular in an online interview, especially with all those new updates and upgrades of existing technologies and the invention of new ones. Let us be crystal clear right from the start. It has become very hard for IT pros to stay current with new developments. Feel free to say this. But don’t leave it at that.

Conducting technical interviews on an online interview platform is tricky. Tell the interviewer all about your efforts to learn new things. Are you working on a personal project in your own free time? If so, talk about it, and how it helps you master new tech. If you are enrolled in some online courses, do tell about them. Everything counts, including reading blogs, visiting hackathons, and so on. Interviewers only want to check your enthusiasm. 

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Also, many IT companies have active L&D departments with ongoing professional development programs. And interviewers only want to gauge your opinion regarding learning and development. Hopefully, we have helped you by sharing technical interview tips with you. As you can see, technical interview questions are not designed to discredit you but to show you how to impress the interviewer in online interview. Finally, the more time you spend on online interview preparations, the better chances you will have of landing that job and establishing yourself as an expert in the career of your dreams.

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