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21 Skills-Based Interview Questions to Recruit a Top Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner Job Overview A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a type of advanced practice registered nurse who specializes in providing primary care services to individuals and families. FNPs are licensed healthcare providers who work in a variety of settings, from hospitals, clinics, and private practices to community health centers. FNPs provide healthcare services, […]

Win, Retain & Grow Client Business With A Total Talent Quality Recruiting Strategy

with Ben Walker and Chris Dwyer Recruitment transformation is one of the key elements of change management. As a formal course of action for identifying, recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent, recruitment strategies help win, retain & grow client business with a total talent quality. According to financesonline, the role of recruitment is rapidly changing. For example, more […]

Why The Extended Workforce Is The Cornerstone Of The Future Of Work

The future of work is a dynamic phrase. It is a strategic optimization of getting work done through the evolution of various strategies and technologies like physical work optimization in terms of remote work, hybrid work, and digital workspaces. According to HCM Insights, the future of work is all about agile workplace creation Leading studies and […]

Staffing Industry & Recruiting Events

Events, Q&A Sessions, Live and On-Demand The ultimate resource for recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and hiring managers for upcoming and past industry events, webinars, Q&A sessions with thought leaders and more. Check back often to see what event is next on the list!  Upcoming Events LIVE Q&A: June 28, 2022, 11 am EST Enterprise Security […]

In The New World Of Remote Work & Remote Interviews, Hiring Fraud Is Growing

With remote work the new normal, professional interviewers and fake candidates are growing at alarming rates and increasing in sophistication. What options are there for recruiters and hiring managers? Remote work has forever changed how we work and how companies hire and keep employees. There’s an endless supply of stats touting the benefits of a […]

How To Overcome Talent Acquisition Challenges In Contingent Hiring Programs

The talent acquisition challenges we saw at the beginning of the pandemic persist today, such as: The hiring challenges above are only a few of many, and if you boil it down, everything comes down to Talent Quality. Do you know that the contingent workforce has significantly expanded since the post-pandemic crisis? As per the […]

How To Avoid Growing Candidate Fraud Using Talent Quality Solutions

Remote work is great, right!? The majority would answer with a resounding yes; however, with remote work and remote hiring, candidate fraud, professional interviewers, and fake candidates increased. Here’s a recap of a session hosted by Ben Walker from the World Staffing Summit with James Simmons, VP of Talent Acquisition at Droneup, Megan Smith, VP of Strategic Partnerships at […]

Candidate.Ly And Glider AI Partner

to Deliver Client First Candidate Verification Experience to Accelerate Time-To-Hire The recent World Staffing Summit was one of the largest and most interactive virtual staffing events, broadcasted to a global audience across five days. Staffing leaders, industry analysts, and the summit also witnessed an exciting partnership between two industry-leading recruitment and staffing firms.  In an interesting conversation […]

With A 92% Jump In Candidate Fraud, Glider AI Sees Rapid Growth In Contingent And Full-Time Hiring Programs

Hires Industry Veteran Ben Walker to Support in Company's Expansion San Francisco, September 23, 2021. As demand for highly qualified talent continues to grow in an increasingly hybrid world, Glider AI sees increasing demand for its product to help Enterprises, MSPs, and Staffing firms hire at full-time and contingent programs. Glider AI recent partnerships with Beeline and TalentNet follow the […]

Virtual Campus Recruitment- University Hiring During COVID

The campus recruitment drives have been completely ripped off the system due to the prevailing situation depriving fresh graduates and final year students from job opportunities. Virtual campus recruitment drives have given the ray of hope to these students, providing the exposure needed. University recruitment being the largest job providing drives, virtual campus recruitment has […]

Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Talent

The concept of hiring quality talent has undergone a tremendous journey. From ‘being in the funnel’ to ‘mining from the internet’ and from ‘hire who you know’ to ‘hire from the vendors’, employers have been adopting different models of hiring. The urgency of the role isn’t sufficiently important to compromise quality in hiring – Eric Schmidt […]

Top Remote Hiring Tools To Digitize Your Recruitment

Companies have embarked on the journey to embrace digitization. Years ago, remote working and remote hiring were considered far-fetched, but now, it has become full-time. We may give this credit to COVID-19 but digital transformation had begun long before the world went into a pit of darkness. As per Global Workplace analytics, remote working has increased by 159% in […]

Top 5 Things Recruiters Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving!

The Halloween pumpkin is gone only to be replaced by the much-awaited Thanksgiving Turkey! Bring out the harvest moon tales and fire up the oven! What are you most thankful for? We did a quick survey of what recruiters were most thankful for this Thanksgiving and here they are: By 2020 itself, 65% of enterprises […]

Title: Top 10 Benefits Of Recruitment Automation

Ever since the term, ‘automation’ was coined in 1946, it has been forming an identity in every domain across the globe. From business models to core operations, organizations are exponentially incorporating automation and groundbreaking technologies on multiple platforms in terms of speed, size, and scope. Automation is another popular term for digitization. In the world of economics, […]

The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In New Age Recruiting

Disruption. From the ‘rise of the machines’ aka the industrial revolution to the surge of the ‘world wide web’ aka the technological revolution, the disruptions altered almost every aspect of human existence. With outcomes like improved operational efficiency and enhanced productivity, they made a clear break with the past regarding how things were done; more […]

The Future Of Staffing Industry: What Disruptions To Expect

Everyone had to adapt to the pandemic- businesses, workers, and employees and people looking for jobs. For staffing industry, COVID-19 was a force that pushed it decades in the future. Pandemic Accelerated the Pace of Change, Mandating Technology Adoption Though some staffing agencies had adapted technologies such as ATS, it was very sporadic and definitely, […]

The A-Z Of Structured Hiring

Ever wondered why some of your hires turn out to be bad for the company? You have the perfect plan. You explore and evaluate the candidates through random questions and think that your job is done. But what goes wrong? So, hop on with us as we uncover the following: Why do recruiters prefer Unstructured […]

Strategies To Retain Talent In Today’s Competitive Market

Once you have managed to organize a successful recruitment process and hire a team of top quality experts with the help of the right tools, it is crucial to start thinking about how to retain talent in your company in order to be able to meet all of your business objectives. Talent retention is highly important […]

State Of Tech Hiring 2020

2020 has been a year of surprises and the job sector hasn’t been shy of the ups and downs for the first half of the year. There have been many changes over the years in the hiring sector but none have been more driving or impactful than this year’s hiring processes have been. Most of […]

Screening Candidates With Framework Based Assessments Is Better Than Just Academic Problems

Given the growing number of coders, programmers and engineers these days, choosing & screening the best candidates to hire can be a challenging task. Of course, you can find the best hires by sifting through your candidates’ resumes and checking their education and experience, as well as verifying their credentials, but how can you be […]

Recruiter’s Cheat-Sheet To Landing Top Performers

“I do.” As a recruiter, nothing is sweeter than hearing a yes from your dream candidate. The dream candidate has got everything right for you; the promise of high performance, a double-ply soft tissue to sweep after last mis-hire costs, and of course high human capital productivity that is directly proportional to organization’s financial results. […]

Making The Case For Skills-Based Hiring

Spare a thought and read this story, especially if you are a hiring manager.  Not so long ago, two candidates applied for a tech role at ABC Inc. Candidate A was a terrific fit for the role, with skills matching all aspects of the job but had not worked at well-known companies. Candidate B wasn’t […]

Make Onboarding A Smarter And Stress-Free Process In Your Organization

Onboarding new employees is not only about greeting them. It requires a thorough approach in which the organization “sells itself” to the new hires while also screening potential employees as best as possible to ensure that they are the right fit for the organization. Employees are a more important resource than ever in business and […]

Keys To Recruiting Success

If you are struggling with acquiring talent, that’s probably because you’re still using the traditional approach. Modern recruiting requires an up-to-date approach. HR and recruiters struggle because they can’t solve a unique problem – how to drive the top quality job, applicants, and candidates. With that in mind, these recruiter tips and tricks will help […]

How To Teach Engineers To Hire Other Great Engineers

Let’s start on an honest note – gunning for tech positions has never been easy. The peer pressure, hermetic lingo, and engineer stereotypes have already discouraged many fresh talents from applying, especially driving away gifted individuals without academic credentials. And when they do apply and ace the interview, most of them end up paralyzed by the […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Interviews [Infographic]

Even a century after the invention of the Edison Test, interviewers still have to turn in a baffling amount of research in order to prepare strategic interview questions to ask candidates. From Intelligence Quotients to General Aptitude tests to Candidate Assessment Technology, many interview structures have made a promise to predict future employee performance. There is always […]

How To Choose The Right Staffing MSP For Your Enterprise Program

The diverseness of the global economy calls enterprises to delve deeper into their core competencies and businesses for the sake of competition and sustainability. This tectonic shift has made staffing companies leverage their functions to external experts or specialized service providers. One such leverage that has gained profound popularity in recent years is MSP. Simply […]

How To Build A Stunning Founding Team For Your Startup

They say freelancers are modern-day cowboys, overly proud to ask for anyone’s help. But business is not a place for loners. Big ideas are rarely realized before innovative brains come together to inspect them from different angles and give them a much-needed structure. That’s exactly how today’s booming startup culture came to be – through […]

How Can HR Departments/Businesses Honor World Mental Health Day Virtually

Honoring Mental Health Day is something that needs to be taken more seriously by organizations globally, especially as we are so unconnected to each other socially these days due to COVID. From sharing podcasts, books and resources that are related to mental wellbeing to hosting virtual meditation sessions, there are a lot of activities that […]

History Of The Job Interview [Infographic]

Job interviews can be a time-consuming exercise for the hiring company. However, they play a key role in determining whether the company and candidate will make an effective match. The interviewing process provides a great deal of value for both the company and the candidate. The modern job Interview has an interesting history. Here’s how it all started:  In […]

Hire Or Train : Should You Hire For Talent Or Train For Skills ?

When hiring for success, do you look for talent or skill? What impresses you more, a person or a resume? It’s a long-lasting debate in the HR circles, and the opinions are divided amongst employers too. One thing is for certain, though – while skills can be trained in almost anyone, attitude never can. When […]

Harnessing The Skills-Based Hiring Strategy For Your Talent Acquisition Process

There is no cheat sheet for implementing skill-based hiring approaches nor is a definitive ‘skills taxonomy’ available anywhere. However, frameworks like E-A-G-E-R (Ethical, Adaptable, Gritty, Empathetic, and Remarkable) can help you in making the right hire. Steps for integrating skills-based hiring into your talent acquisition process: Redesign your interview process Expect better hiring outcomes when you rethink […]

Ensuring Candidate Quality In A Post Pandemic World

Are Your Assessments Applicable to Today’s Workplace Realities? It is no secret that when it comes to cheating or fraudulent practices, most people lie. Even when you have the facts, evidence, or data to prove the case, some people will still deny the truth. While the ‘damage control’ option of ‘denying’ might have worked for students […]

Family Nurse Practitioner Job Description

What is a Family Nurse Practitioner Nurse? A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is an advanced practice registered nurse who specializes in providing primary healthcare services to individuals and families across the lifespan. They work in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and private practices. FNPs are responsible for diagnosing and treating […]

Critical Care Nurse Job Description and Skills

Critical care nurses play a crucial role in providing care to patients who are critically ill or injured. They work in intensive care units (ICUs), emergency departments, and other specialty units where they provide specialized care to patients with life-threatening conditions. What is a Critical Care Nurse? A critical care nurse is a registered nurse […]

Occupational Health Nurse Job Description

What is an Occupational Health Nurse? An Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) is a registered nurse who specializes in workplace health and safety. They work with employees, employers, and other healthcare professionals to promote and maintain the health and safety of workers in various industries. OHNs are responsible for identifying and assessing health and safety hazards […]

Employer Branding For Recruitment 101

As a manager in your organization, you have seen clear signs that the competition for talent is becoming more challenging every passing day. Attracting and retaining the right talent is now touted as a key organizational capability if you want to achieve your growth ambitions. The strength of your employer brand can have a significant […]

COVID-19 And Its Impact On The Recruitment Process

The impact of COVID-19 on the job sector has been the central topic for job seekers as well as employers. With delays and cancelations of the recruitment process, the world economy has suffered a lot. Economists believe that an economic recession is about to befall us. Although, now it seems that people have started to […]

Boring Interview Questions You Need To Stop Asking Right Now!

Imagine you are working for a top-notch social media channel as a media reporter, and you get a chance to interview Iron Man, the one and only, Robert Downey, Jr. Obviously, you won’t go with a clean slate; you will read about him, do extensive research, list all the questions you want to ask, and so on.   Despite […]

Benefits Of Using Video Interviews In Your Contingent Staffing Process

Hiring labor, especially contingent workers is one of the biggest investments among organizations.Employers have found innovative ways to get this work done more efficiently at lower costs. This is how the contingent workforce was born. A study from Oxford Economics found that 83% of executives are planning to increase their use of contingent workers over the next three years. […]

Benefits Of Adding Video Interviews In Your Recruitment Process [Infographic]

In a highly competitive job market like ours, job applications flood in with a single click. Additionally, it is more crucial to select the best talent from the candidate pool. Video interviews bring huge benefits to your hiring process. From cost reduction to adding flexibility and from increasing speed of hiring to getting you in social media’s good books, here are 8 reasons to prove why video interviewing is right for your recruiting seasons:             All in […]

A Guide To Hiring Summer Interns For Your Startup

When you’re getting a startup up off the ground, an extra helping hand around the place can really add value. Hiring summer interns for your startup can be a very good idea. However, for a lot of startups, the very fact that they’re just starting out means they don’t have a lot of experience in […]

5 Ways In Which COVID-19 Has Impacted The Hiring Process

The pandemic has affected every industry in some way or another and hiring is no exception. With difficulties in traveling, minimal communication between HRs and candidates, and a shortage of jobs altogether, the hiring process has suffered. In this blog, we shall cover how COVID-19 has impacted the hiring process. How has COVID-19 impacted the […]

5 Key Pointers On Compiling Targeted Job Postings (TGP) – Save Time & Money

The most imperative step in the hiring process is to write an accurate and focused job posting. When this crucial part is done correctly, the right applicants can be drawn at the outset and you, as a recruiter, can save time and money both, short-and long-term. Nonetheless, it may be difficult to write a job […]

5 Innovative Recruitment Strategies To Hire The Right Talent

The talent shortage in the US market is not a myth anymore. In 2019, more than 72.8% of employers stated that they have major challenges with finding skilled candidates. While there are organizations that ask you to post and pray, we say you can add these top five recruitment strategies to your recruitment plan, to attract the […]

4 Ways To Build An Effective Sales Team

Every business owner out there is well aware of the fact that the amount of their profits, the number of loyal customers, and the overall success of their business greatly depends on the quality of the company’s sales force. No matter how great your products or services are, and no matter how much time and […]

4 Steps To Tech Hiring Success

“Hiring” is the act of appointing potential candidates as employees in a certain company. It seems like a simple process from the definition of it and though, it was so in the good old days, but with the advancements in the fields of science and technology, hiring has become a highly competitive and insistent subject. […]

10 Significant Questions You MUST Ask As A Recruiter To Your Prospective Client

As a recruiter, while interacting with the hiring manager of the client company, it is imperative for you to ask a few vital questions. Whether you are a veteran recruiter, a pro in the hiring business for over a decade, or a newbie – these questions will never fail you in the long run. Most […]

Win The Seasonal Hiring Game With Recruitment Automation

Holidays or the festive seasons are the number one reason for new beginnings in life, either personal or professional. The excitement of holidays and celebrations brings a breath of fresh air in our lives. While holidays mean a relaxing and joyous vacation for everyone else, for recruiters, the seasonal hiring just begins. Also called holiday […]

Ultimate Guide To Holiday Hiring

Talent acquisition is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. Come rain or shine, hiring is always on the timeline for business enterprises. Do you know, staffing recruiters consider holidays as a great time for hiring? Holiday hiring or seasonal hiring, as they are commonly called is a win-win situation for both employers and employees. […]

Do Seasonal Hiring Right With AI Based Recruitment Tool

The job market is indeed is vibrant during holidays. In last year 2021, US Seasonal job postings crossed 1.3 Million, a 11% increase compared to 2020. But, ever wondered how do companies hire the right talent in the holiday seasons? The answer lies in AI. As irresistible as it is, AI based recruitment tools can come […]

The Coming Growth Of Candidate Assessment Technology

‘Quality Talent’ is a top quest for any business enterprise, worldwide. Luckily, advancements in candidate assessment technologies have made the job easier and accurate for recruiters. From skills to personality to attitude, a candidate’s compatibility can be assessed from all perspectives. Conversely, the Coronavirus pandemic has left many conundrums for the world, including the recruitment […]

TalentNet And Glider AI Integration – A First In Contingent Workforce Direct Source Programs

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Globally, the demand for contingent labor is skyrocketing. In the U.S., contingent and freelance workers currently makeup nearly 20% of the workforce for the average business, and by 2027, more than 60% of all labor will freelance. To meet this challenge, TalentNet, the industry leader of direct sourcing technology, has joined […]

Speed Up Your Hiring Process With Advanced Testing Technology

War for Talent is the “New Normal.” The outbreak of Covid-19 has accelerated the demand for quality talent everywhere, from temp staffing or temp-to-perm employment. Expectedly, candidate quality is the primary metric of talent acquisition. Not only that, recruiters consider hiring top quality as a competitive advantage for the business enterprise. It also simultaneously enhances […]

Satish Kumar On Talent Quality And Remote Hiring

In a recent interview organized by Ardent Partners, Senior VP and MD of Future of Work Christopher J. Dwyer asked Satish Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Glider, penetrating questions about how to find quality talent. The market evolved radically during the pandemic. Remote work became a top draw for quality talent, and it created a universal demand for work-at-home flexibility, with […]

PRO Unlimited And Glider AI Announce New Strategic Partnership To Optimize Contingent Worker Hiring

Combined AI-powered solution will enable clients to better validate, assess and source the best talent while reducing time to fill and cost to hire San Francisco, CA, Oct. 19, 2021 — PRO Unlimited, the Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) platform provider, announced a partnership with Glider AI, an AI-enabled Talent Quality Solution that verifies identity, validates skills, and organizational fit […]

How To Overcome Barriers To Adoption Of Advanced Testing Systems In Hiring

Sparked by the advancements in technologies, modern hiring practices are eager than ever to inculcate them in recruitment ecosystem. Adoption of advanced hiring systems will not only shorten the hiring cycle but also spotlight talent quality.  Innovations especially in AI-based assessments elevate hiring choices in terms of competency, behaviors, job fitness, and KPIs. Thus, advanced hiring practices enhance talent acquisition, end-to-end, from […]

How To Hire Top Tech Talent Remotely

‘Tech Talent’, the term that describes the cardinal workforce behind every tech company, is the pivotal liveware responsible for the growth and development of every company that deals with technology. Every engineer, developer, i.e., every technical guy who is there in the company dealing with anything related to automation, machinery, mechanics, etc., is referred to […]

Best Practices In Candidate Evaluation Technology Adoption

Recruitment and staffing industries invest tremendously in talent assessment practices. While every business enterprise competes with the best hiring methodologies to attract the best talent quality from the job market, they also fall short on certain assessment practices and data-driven technologies. Our latest blog on best practices on candidate assessment technology gives a sneak peek […]

Beeline And Glider AI Announce Partnership To Increase Confidence When Hiring Contingent Workers

Candidate assessment technology provides hiring managers with greater confidence in resume and expertise statements and prevents interview impersonation. JACKSONVILLE, FLA., August 19, 2021 – Beeline, the leading technology solution provider for managing the extended workforce, today announced a partnership with Glider AI, the creator of talent quality solutions for testing, verifying, and validating the skills of job […]

What To Look For While Hiring A Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Having a company without a competent leader is like having a car that won’t start, as good leadership is the fuel of progress. Regardless of what your company has to offer to its customers, it is highly unlikely that it will remain successful and competitive for long periods of time unless you hire a CTO […]

What CEOs Are Saying About Remote Work

With changes in work culture, mindsets of CEOs about remote work have also changed. Companies have transformed their work into the virtual platform for quite some time now, all thanks to the Corona virus pandemic. For most of the companies it has been an overnight situation where employees were in the office the other day […]

Time To Fill And Time To Hire: Differences And Applications Explained

There are many things said about recruitment, theories, and hypothesis flying around. However, a small number of recruiters actually take the scientific approach and calculate just how successful they are in hiring new employees. The recruiting job is becoming more difficult each year. Recruiters need to be able to analyze their processes, understand which methods […]

Tackling Hiring Challenges With Online Recruitment

With the digital transformation of every sector, HR technology has flourished. Online recruitment has become the go-to process for recruiters around the world for attracting the best talent. No doubt in saying that online recruitment has become a favorable means of talent acquisition, making organizations create innovative strategies for recruitment. But as we all know, “With great […]

Recruitment Tools- What They Offer In Agency And Enterprise Recruitment

Recruitment tools are the cutting edge approach to source and recruit high-level talent. These tools such as ATS, remote hiring tools, chatbots, etc., help organizations, recruiters, HR groups, and staffing firms smooth out the recruiting cycle. You’ll need to physically post open situations on different job websites. At that point, you’ll need to plan interviews from […]

Quality Of Hire- Importance In Hiring Process

The penchant for improving the quality of hire never fades for the companies. Recruiters overcome every possible hurdle to attract the best candidate based on the job roles. The grind never stops in the recruitment process. The meticulous approach of hiring managers towards every little detail makes the process work. But, a question lingers in […]

Online Coding Tests For Your Tech Recruitment Strategy To Build An Effective Team

Online interviews for coding speak a lot about building an effective team from scratch. However, it is not easy. Why? Because the recruitment process has to be really sophisticated to make sure you are not hiring candidates who shine in the knowledge and recall areas online but can’t really perform in real-world scenarios. On top of […]

How To Convert Passive Job Seekers Into Quality Candidates

When you’re looking for someone perfect for a particular job position, chances are they’re already employed. All the best candidates usually are. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for someone who doesn’t check all the boxes. If you stick only to active job seekers, you may lose an opportunity to hire top talent. That […]

How To Attract Tech Talent Through Passion And Good Company Culture

If your company has a great passion and culture, this should become your number one criterion to attract candidates. The majority of organizations use their culture to attract top talent. Your employees will help you grow your business, expand to new markets, and beat your competition, which is crucial for establishing your tech business as a […]

How Tech Giants Hire Top Talent

Although it is a universal fact and everybody is aware, let’s just start bysaying that Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are the “tech giants”. These omnipresent and illustrious companies also abbreviated toas the FAANG Companies, hire the top talent, i.e., the cream of thesociety through their advanced and dynamic ways of recruitment. Theiralluring strategies not only help them […]

Hiring Technology Talent? 4 Best Practices To Bear In Mind

There’s no denying that the revolutionary 21st-century technologies have completely changed the way we live our lives. And with new gadgets and software invading virtually every workplace, there was a surge in demand for tech talent. However, according to a recent survey from Modis, around 41% of companies globally said that one of their biggest […]

Hiring Strategy For 2021: What The Upcoming Year Holds For Recruiters

Change has been consistent throughout the year. The shift of work from onsite to remote has brought a major change in the workplace environment. Digital transformation has revealed the importance of the technological shift. The vitality and vibrancy of employees have increased significantly with the digital shift. The up-gradation of technical adroitness is visible throughout […]

Hire Talent But On A Low Budget. Here’s How!

The success of one company, no matter how big or small it is, greatly depends on the skills and determination of its employees. Even more so, on their dedication and talent. Hiring and recruiting talents that will greatly increase the productivity and effectiveness of your company is not a simple task. That being said, there […]

Glider And WillHire, Talent Curation For Enterprises

Challenges of Talent Pool in Contingent Workforce The year 2020 has been transformative across industries, ushering in new trends and accelerating business models’ adoption ahead of predicted timelines. In light of this rapidly shifting market, the recruitment industry has seen an increased focus on workforce agility. Companies are increasingly moving towards flexible talent to address […]

Five Unconventional Questions That All Hiring Managers Should Ask

Apprehensive yet excited. That’s a job interview for you. It is a jittery affair for parties on either side of the table. The candidate tries to sell their credentials and skills while the interviewer may want to put forward the best pitch about their company, their team, work, and benefits. The job interviewer’s task in […]

Crucial Talent Acquisition Metrics You Need To Track

With an enormous pool of talented candidates to choose from, it becomes hectic for the recruiting team to attract and hire the best and right talent. Talent acquisition may sound simple but it is a conjugated term that comprises a lot of metrics that need to be maintained for achieving sought-after results through the recruitment drives. Before […]

Attract Tech Talent With The Right Recruiting Processes

Many Talent Acquisition professionals around the world seem to have problems recruiting tech talent. Every business that hopes to be successful is going digital, and everyone needs their perfect tech person. This is true regardless of whether we’re talking about a small coffee shop that wants to attract more customers or a huge corporation that’s […]

A Complete Guide To Hiring DevOps Engineers

The urge for recruiting DevOps engineers has escalated over the years. According to a report from Google Cloud and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, two-thirds of companies that use DevOps have seen benefits impacting their bottom line, including increased speed to market (70%), productivity (67%), customer relevance (67%), innovation (66%), and product/service quality (64%). As more companies are […]

A Complete Guide To Hiring A Sales Manager

For businesses to thrive, sales management has to be to the point. Slashing sales is the key to generating revenue for the company and making sure that there is a constant rise in the profit margins. But to ensure that the sales force is working meticulously and the company is maximizing the profit, hiring a […]

A Complete Guide To Hiring A Data Analyst

A data analyst interview throws light on the core of every statistical analysis for any company. Data handling is the backbone of a company’s strategic algorithms. With the increase in the popularity of data analytics and data manipulation over the years, the admiration for data analysts has reached new heights. Many may argue about the […]

Workplace Diversity And Inclusion Amid COVID-19

Diversity and inclusion have been put in as ‘tick-box HR activity’ in the company HR policy since the ‘advent of time’. These two didn’t hold much water in the pre-coronavirus world but with the world fighting against the pandemic and companies getting turmoiled, the need for diversity and inclusion has increased. The need of the […]

Why Does DE&I Matter The Most In The Covid World?

The world is slowly waking up from the shackles of Covid.  As it restructures to the imperative changes, there are individuals and institutions that need the most help, compassion and solidarity in the time of crisis. Like the UN says, Covid is a test of societies, governments, institutions and individuals. In term of individuals, DE&I and its […]

Redefining Cultural Fitment: Embracing Diversity And Celebrating Differences

The definition of cultural fitment is discreet, based on a company’s ideologies and principles. In many cases, companies look for employees who match their requirements and have the qualities to “blend in” with the prevalent culture. “Maintaining the culture that you’ve built for your company is the goal of most business owners. Even before they […]

Glider’s New Upgrade Ensures Your EEO And ADA Compliance

Glider recently upgraded its recruitment platform, becoming much more enterprise-ready. All the users can now expect some very significant changes that will make their organizations fully compliant with all the major industry standards. The team behind the AI-powered recruitment platform continually collaborates with various experts in the legal industry, as well as with all their […]

Into The World Of Talent Curation With Satish Kumar, Co-Founder And CEO, Glider.Ai

Peter Drucker once said, “Organizations must do what they are best at and should outsource the rest.” In a pandemic-infected world, this statement holds more relevance today with demand for quality contract resources as the new “normal”. Recruitment is a talent-driven industry, and the shift of power is with high-quality, vetted talent–will they accept the recruiters […]

How To Reduce Bias In A Technical Screening Process With Glider.Ai’s Live Proctoring And Assessments?

Modern-day HR makes one of the most fertile grounds for the successful application of trendy methodologies like technical screening. It’s where human professionals and smart technology (a lucky coupling indeed) work side by side to weed out unqualified candidates and equip companies with talented and skilled minds. Is this combination of human insight and blunt […]

How To Create An ADA Compliant Hiring Process

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life. The law provides equal opportunities to every person with disabilities in all fields of life. Title I of the law deals with the employment opportunities for such people and it has been made mandatory […]

How Staffing Industry Is Championing The DE&I Cause

The world is proudly celebrating the cause of DE&I everywhere. DE&I is no longer an abbreviation but is an institution itself. On a broader outlook, one can see the term as an all-inclusive one. Besides, diversity, equity and inclusion, the abbreviation of DE&I, cause also fights for underserved and underrepresented facets like women, LGBTQ +, […]

Hiring The DEI Way With Glider AI

The world is waking to honor human capital in the workplace. Organizations are explicitly speaking about DEI goals and tangible implementations. It comes as no surprise that embedding DEI was included as one of the six imperatives for HR4.0 in the recently closed weforum discussions. Coincidingly, Glider AI has been one of the prominent talent intelligence companies that have […]

Hiring Millennials – The DE&I Way

It’s June! And we need no other reason to be on Cloud Nine. The month-long celebration of DE&I – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is making the world come closer, shedding the nuances of discrimination, of every kind around the world. Thanks to Millennials and Gen Z as they are called, for ensuing multi ‘everything’ in […]

DE&I: LGBTQ+ Student Scholarship

GOAL+ DE&I Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students Omni Inclusive, myBasePay, and Glider AI partner on a scholarship fund “GOAL+” to support marginalized LGBTQ+ college students.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) has become one of the most popular conversation points in both personal and professional circles. Despite much progress, many DE&I groups especially marginalized LGBTQ+ people, continue to […]

A Guide To Improving Hiring Diversity Within Your Company

The concept of “Global Society” is slowly shaping up in practice. We’re finally seeing the contours of a different world altogether, if not in terms of transcending national boundaries, then at least in terms of prioritizing individual equality. We are on a good path, but there’s admittedly a long way ahead of us. Homogenous business […]

10 Reasons Why DE&I Makes Your Talent Quality Better

This is not a fictional story. When it comes to quality talent, it requires more than looking that what just appears on the resume or being said in an interview. That being said, hiring team can no longer blame it as a ‘top-of-the-funnel’ problem. Shaping the talent ecosystem around DE&I hiring should be the heart of an enterprise. […]

What Is One-Way Video Interview?

‘Interview‘- the face-to-face conversation between the candidate and the interviewer is the basic understanding that we have regarding interviews. But, traditional interviews are a thing of the past and paved a way for a new form of interview called the ‘one-way video interview‘.The newest trend in the realm of interviews is the ‘one-way video interview’. This mode […]

Ultimate Guide To Video Interviewing

Over the decade, we have witnessed the rise of video interviewing technology. The vast array of developmental technology in recruitment has swooned us all and it has a long way to go.  The inclination toward technology has made the company culture more impressive as well as positively overwhelming. As per Deloitte and Bloomberg, the entire HR software market […]

Top Trends That Will Define Staffing MSPs In 2021

The year 2020 has changed our ways of working and made us reform our old ways. The expansion of digital transformation has changed the industry altogether. With the increase in remote work, the contingent workforce has become an integral part of most companies. With over 40% of the US workforce being contingent, efficient management has become the top priority for employers. […]

Top Trends That Will Define Staffing MSP Industry In 2021

Engaging MSPs or Managed Services Providers has become a great trend for a variety of industries to outsource their day-to-day operations. A robust MSP predominantly offers a range of services and solutions in IT segments. One of the core areas of MSPs expertise is staffing or recruitment solutions. Staffing MSPs come to the rescue when it is about workforce […]

Top Trends That Changed The MSP Industry Landscape In 2020

It’s a new year and we are all excited about what it’s got for us. We are all hoping that this year will be better than the previous year. 2020 didn’t live up to our expectations. A lot of things happened in the previous year and there were some things that we cannot account for. […]

Top Recruitment Management Tools For Staffing Agencies In 2021

The recruitment cycle can be time-taking and costly. From elevating your brand image to composing sets of responsibilities and remaining in near correspondence with candidates en route, the cycle can require weeks or even a long time before a candidate is recruited. As an HR proficient, you have stores of activities on top of that […]

Staffing MSPs Guide To Selecting The Right VMS

Sherlock Holmes may be one of the greatest detectives of all time. But he couldn’t have chiseled his mystery-solving abilities without his confidant, Dr Watson. Most of the stories are narrated by Dr Watson who in the words of Sherlock Holmes was not only his best friend but the world’s best ‘consulting detective.’ Fast forward […]
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