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Senior Network Engineer Job Description

A Senior Network Engineer plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient functioning and security of an organization’s network infrastructure. This position requires extensive expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining network systems to meet the organization’s operational needs and security standards. Senior Network Engineer Job Description We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Network Engineer […]

Back-End Developer Job Description

Back-End Development encompasses the behind-the-scenes magic that powers the functionality of websites and web applications. While Front-End Developers focus on creating visually appealing interfaces, Back-End Developers work tirelessly to ensure seamless interactions between the user interface and the server-side components. With the demand for skilled developers projected to soar to 45 million by 2030, it’s […]

Unveiling the Future: Essential Skills for AI Recruiters

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become indispensable for recruiters aiming to stay ahead of the curve. As organizations increasingly turn to AI tools to streamline their hiring processes, recruiters must acquire essential skills to effectively leverage these technologies. This blog delves into the core competencies required […]

Recruitment Automation with AI: Enhancing Candidate Assessment

With 88% of firms globally now using some form of AI in HR, the global AI recruitment market should grow to $942.3 million by 2030.  This industry-driven shift — which once faced skepticism — is quickly becoming acceptable for job seekers.  Around 47% of applicants now believe AI is less biased than humans regarding candidate evaluation.  Are you planning to bring […]

Explained: AI Resume Screening & Its Benefits

As artificial intelligence integrates with the talent acquisition field, AI resume screening shines as one of the key features of the new technology.

Glider AI Product Updates – January 2024

As the recruiting industry combats a new level of sophistication in candidate fraud, a challenging economic landscape, and a rapidly expanding talent pool, Glider AI has introduced new features to make your experience more rewarding and the hiring process more efficient than ever before! Glider Connect Sequence and automate candidate engagement Glider Connect can now […]

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The case for Outsourcing Hiring

The recruitment process plays a crucial role in building a skilled and diverse workforce that drives the growth and success of an organization. However, many organizations struggle with time and resources as well as the expertise required to execute an effective hiring strategy. This is where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) steps in. RPO offers a […]

The Role of AI in Sourcing Top Talent

Finding and recruiting top talent remains a challenge for talent acquisition and human resource professionals.  Companies need to develop strategic sourcing capabilities to identify, engage, and hire the best candidates for open roles. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in with advanced solutions to transform and upgrade talent acquisition. AI is revolutionizing recruiting through […]

Glider AI’s Cultural Celebrations

Diwali is that time of year where the Glider AI India team comes together for an evening of fun and togetherness. This time, we changed it up a little and decided to call on the talents of the Glider extended family for this year’s Diwali celebrations. Also known as the festival of lights, in India […]

Interview with Ali Ghiassi, TA leader at Fortrea, Advice for Recruiters and Staffing Firms

Talent Acquisition has experienced a lot of challenges from longer and slower hiring cycles to not knowing the impact of AI-recruiting, in turn causing a lot of uncertainty for TA, HR, and staffing firms. In this webinar, Joseph Cole, VP of Marketing and Research, interviews Ali Ghiassi, leader of TA and People Experience at Fortrea.  Ali […]

Salesforce Developer Hiring Guide

Salesforce Developers craft custom solutions with Apex, Lightning components, and help with optimizing Salesforce’s powerful capabilities. Salesforce Developer Job Description Responsibilities: Requirements: Salesforce Developer Interview Questions These Salesforce Developer interview questions will help you evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and experience.  Salesforce Developer Skill Assessment Questions A Salesforce Developer needs multiple skills to excel in their […]

Project Administrator Hiring Guide

A project administrator streamlines operations, manage timelines, and facilitate communication, ensuring efficient project execution.  Project Administrator Job Description Responsibilities: Requirements: Get the complete job description here Project Administrator Interview Questions These Project Administrator interview questions will help you evaluate potential candidates’ knowledge, skills, and experience. 
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