Recruitment Tools- What They Offer In Agency And Enterprise Recruitment

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Updated on May 5, 2023

Recruitment tools are the cutting edge approach to source and recruit high-level talent. These tools such as ATS, remote hiring tools, chatbots, etc., help organizations, recruiters, HR groups, and staffing firms smooth out the recruiting cycle.

You’ll need to physically post open situations on different job websites. At that point, you’ll need to plan interviews from different sources independently. It winds up being problematic, and you probably won’t locate the top candidates. This prompts higher employee stir, and conceivably a huge amount of money squandered.

Regardless of whether you’re an enterprise that enlists many candidates at scale or a recruitment agency that matches qualified candidates with different associations, recruitment tools will make your life simpler.

Now, before we talk about the role that recruitment tools play in both these kinds of recruitments, we should initially get out the contrasts between agency recruitment and in-house or enterprise recruitment.

Differences between Agency Recruitment and In-House Recruitment

Agencies get arrangements for job vacancies from managers, and afterward, they place adverts on web job boards. They consistently keep watch for new CVs being transferred to the web databases.

In-house recruitment, on the other hand, is quite possibly the most famous method of filling recently opened positions. The explanation behind that will be that your present workers are now acquainted with the organization’s vision. Likewise, you are now acquainted with their qualities, and you know whether they have a portrayal of your optimal employee for the new position.

Here we will feature the detailed contrasts between them:

Deals Focused versus People Focused

One of the main things you’ll probably see when working with an agency recruitment specialist is their finesse in completing deals. Since their principal objective is to create income for the agencies, they will zero in on offering their administrations to both hiring organizations and candidates. They’ll probably invite your organization as a customer without reservation and guarantee they’ll give you a variety of capable experts you can consider employing.

Most in-house recruiters don’t have similar deal quality. Their goal is to discover capable candidates who are the correct fit for the work. They’ll be centered around the organization’s drawn-out plans, endeavoring to fill different positions while downplaying employee turnover. In-house recruiters will in general be significantly more impending with both hiring managers and candidates by attempting to coordinate individuals with the right skills with the organization’s necessities.

Speed versus Precision

Agency recruiters move quickly. They need to help your organization fill your job so they can get paid and proceed onward to the following position. Sometimes, they’ll even have an information base of applicants fit to be reached so you can skirt the sourcing arrangement and get right to interviews. They’ll probably give you a couple of various candidates not long after you go into a concurrence with them and urge you to enlist somebody from that gathering.

In-house recruiters will in general be more fastidious. They’ll need to meet with the hiring manager to comprehend the specific job prerequisites before they even post a set of working responsibilities. At that point, they’ll gather candidates from different sources and screen every one preceding planning interviews. On the off chance that they find that the employing group isn’t excessively intrigued with any of the underlying candidates, they ought to have no issue reposting the expected set of responsibilities and creating more candidates to share.

Specialized Understanding versus Organizational Understanding

Many agencies have practical experience in recruiting for specific positions. They see precisely what abilities are required and realize how to recognize applicants with the correct foundations. This information permits them to move rapidly since they don’t have to invest a lot of energy in realizing what the employer is looking for.

In-house recruiters, then again, are frequently generalists. They’ll have to zero in on recruiting for an assortment of jobs across the various offices in the organization. While they’ll in some cases not have the comprehension of what a particular occupation involves, they’ll generally have profound information on what your organization esteems in each worker.


A ton of times, choosing an agency and in-house recruiter comes down to what your organization can manage. An agency is quite often less expensive. Evaluating plans can vary from firm-to-firm yet most charge a level of the recently recruited worker’s compensation. Furthermore, you can work with an agency depending upon the situation. You’ll possibly be charged when employment happens and you can proceed onward if the agency doesn’t meet assumptions.

An in-house recruiter is a representative like any other. You’ll need to pay them compensation or hourly rate and furnish them with benefits. You can likewise utilize a low maintenance recruiter if your organization doesn’t have the assets or need for a full-time representative.

Now, since we have gotten out the contrasts between agency recruitment and in-house recruitment, let’s examine the advantages of having recruitment tools and how these tools are beneficial for these types of recruitments.

Advantages of having Recruitment Tools

Recruitment tools are most normally utilized by Talent acquisition specialists, recruiters, and hiring managers. Here is a rundown of 10 of the best recruitment tools:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Web Sourcing
  • Mobile Hiring Tools
  • Community Tools
  • Contact/Email Finding Tools
  • CRM Tools
  • Gamification
  • Location Technology
  • Video Interviewing
  • Planning/Scheduling Tools

Recruitment tools empower you to:

Accelerate the recruiting cycle

You can get to all the important data and meet candidates from any place and at any time of the day and you are constantly refreshed as all progressions are acquainted naturally with the framework. It permits you to diminish the time it takes to recognize and enlist the perfect individuals.

Develop your database

There is not, at this point, a need to channel through heaps of papers when you can store the entirety of the resumes and applications in a single spot. You may likewise empower candidates to sign in to the platform and transfer their CVs themselves which permits you to accomplish a more extensive reach.

Lessen organization work

You can save long stretches of work once you automate job postings on a few job boards. With recruitment tools, you can likewise utilize a shared schedule and along these lines streamline planning the interviews.

Increment quality of hire

Putting away all the resumes in a single spot additionally empowers you to discover better applicants in a much more limited timeframe as you can order the CVs into different classes and afterward channel them while looking for candidates with explicit skills. That way you ensure you coordinate likely candidates to available positions.

Improve correspondence

Utilizing one framework, recruiters can remain refreshed on each undertaking their group is taking care of. Just as this, they can refresh any data taken on an applicant during each phase of the hiring cycle, keeping the entirety of your notes joined. This also increases the possibility of providing a better candidate experience.

Monitor candidates

To ensure you consider every one of the candidates while filling open positions, the framework naturally refreshes any activity taken on a candidate, with the entirety of your notes appended. Moving candidates through the recruiting stages online guarantees none of the applications disappear.

Improve your presentation

By monitoring the entirety of your candidates, you can likewise give better execution. When you examine the number of positions you fill and the number of candidates you reject on every one of the recruiting stages, you can see significant shortcomings and occasions to improve as a recruiter.

Secure information

While recruiting, you access the personal subtleties of every one of the candidates. Utilizing recruitment software management, you can be certain they are secured safely and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Recruitment Tools in Agency Recruitment

Here are the advantages that recruitment tools give during agency recruitment.

Improves recruiter’s profitability

By utilizing conventional hiring techniques, you are frequently kept to the workplace. Utilizing recruitment tools can improve the recruiter’s profitability colossally. These tools incorporate cloud innovation that permits candidates to interface utilizing their cell phones.

Improves social reach

Social reach is tremendously significant in recruitment today. Utilizing recruitment tools give you access to social media, for example, Facebook and Twitter, and arrive at a more extensive cluster of likely applicants. Most tools will incorporate online media coordination alternatives that you can connect to your social media profiles.

Saves time performing repetitive assignments

There are numerous monotonous errands to perform while enrolling – rounding out administrative work and rounding out structures and so on. Recruitment tools can adequately accelerate the entire cycle and decrease the time taken to finish these dreary, tedious undertakings.

Improves correspondence and productivity

While selecting, it is essential to have fast reaction times and to discuss adequately with your group, and with expected candidates. These tools enable you to correspond and permit you to automate the processes. With the help of these tools, you can extraordinarily improve your channels of correspondence and keep applicants within the system.

Considers smoothed out information from applicants

You can frequently utilize these tools to get applications from a wide scope of sources, for example, external boards and your job-site. Besides, you can utilize this product to accumulate helpful applicant information that you would then be able to investigate to improve your hiring cycle. Also, you can pick up other valuable data, for example, candidate response, the number of individuals who saw your adverts and the candidates who applied for the job, etc. The best tools for agencies streamlines your information stream and presents you with a pile of helpful data.

Automates the hiring process

This is another primary advantage – online recruitment tools can eliminate the manual part of selecting. A wide scope of various assignments can be automated and even planned for specific occasions or dates. This automation gives you an additional level of control and permits you to direct your concentration toward different perspectives, for example, holding interviews and evaluating the short rundown of applicants you have.

Permits recruiters to discover better applicants

This is one of the fundamental advantages of utilizing recruitment tools. You can discover more qualified candidates. These tools give a high-level arrangement that you can use to tailor your recruitment searches and find precisely the kind of applicant you need with negligible exertion.

Makes interesting hiring posts

Making fascinating job posts is a significant part of hiring. Then again, these tools can assist you with making awesome job posts that attract the sort of candidate you are searching for.

Accessible day in and day out

You can get access to recruitment tools any time. It can enormously improve your profitability and permit you to react to inquiries and candidates on extremely quick occasions.

Recruitment Tools in Enterprise or In-House Recruitment

Here are the advantages that recruitment tools give during enterprise recruitment.

Simple applicant tracking

It’s conceivable to have many applications that can without much of a stretch be lost. Having a framework set up that monitors all candidates and sorts them for you is truly important. Track and sort by the position applied for, a candidate’s capabilities, preparing, etc. This makes it simple for your HR group to limit applicants.

Secure cloud-based storage

Keeping candidate records secure ought to be a significant piece of your hiring cycle. This can be difficult to do with customary paper applications kept in a file organizer. Going paperless in your HR office is a smart thought for some reasons, one of them being security. Albeit significant in all businesses, security truly becomes the overwhelming focus.

If the applications get into some wrong hands, data like government-managed data, pay subtleties, and places of residence can be spilled. This can prompt perilous circumstances for candidates and claims for your organization. Cloud-based capacity likewise ensures against any cataclysmic events or different occurrences that could happen at your office and annihilate records.

24/7 access

If you are settling on recruiting choices, you may have to take a gander at candidate data in the evenings or weekends. You may likewise need to get data from distant areas.

A proper recruitment tool will permit you to do such. You can likewise offer admittance to pertinent individuals from your HR division. This allows them to see the data when they need to. Having data helpful will allow you to settle on more educated choices.

Automated communication

By setting a couple of subtleties, you can let the framework manage its responsibility and wipe out a portion of the manual desk work for your group.

Improves a business’ sourcing techniques

By utilizing recruitment tools you can dissect your sourcing methodologies and take a gander at where you are potentially missing the mark. You would then be able to utilize a similar software to tailor your sourcing and improve it going ahead.

Simple collaboration

A coordinated effort is significant in each business. With regards to employing the correct candidate for your company, it’s significant everybody is in on the choice. Recruitment tools can without much of a stretch provide assistance to encourage discussions.

Better applications

While you can draft a standard application or buy a format for certain positions, job openings frequently require a more explicit application measure. These tools can assist your company in altering the application to address your issues.

More applicants

Budgetary imperatives can influence the accessibility of your posting on various job sites. While free job sites are simpler on your financial balance, you may not get the excellent candidates you’re searching for. Recruitment tools help you find the best job sites where you can get access to a plethora of candidates.

All in all, as an agency or enterprise, you get access to a lot of facilities from utilizing recruitment tools. By utilizing the best recruitment tools for organizations you can smooth out your hiring cycle and improve your proficiency by many folds.

If you want to experience the benefits of recruitment tools, then, give Glider a try.


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