How to Provide the Best Hiring Experience to Bag Top Candidate

The job market is excessively competitive these days and one needs to go along with the latest trends for the enhancement. Not only the work culture but the ways of recruiting candidates have also changed over the years and thus, bagging a top candidate for your company during this present scenario, requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. As a recruiter, you need to get into the head of the candidate and compel him to dedicate himself to your company.

Now, how can a recruiter get into a candidate’s head?
One way of doing that is by providing the best recruiting experience to the candidate.
Remember, a candidate may go for the brand name or the reputation of the company initially but it is the environment that he experiences during the interview process that makes him accept the offer.

In this blog, we are going to cover the ways to provide the best hiring experience to bag top talent.

Now, as per any company, there are three phases of hiring a candidate.

  1. Attracting the candidate regarding the job.
  2. Interviewing the candidate.
  3. Offering the job.

There are various ways of attracting the candidate to choose your company, such as :

  • Posting creative job descriptions.
  • Sourcing through the portals.
  • Sending personalized emails.
  • Offering terrific salaries and perks.
  • Using your company’s brand name and reputation to attract.

To be truthful, it is immensely easy to attract job-seekers, and later on, offer them a position. But the Gordian knot is the middle phase of the whole process, i.e., the interview process.

This is the phase where the candidate judges the whole work culture of the company and the framework that he would eventually be a part of. The recruiting team must expose the environment of the company to the candidate so that he gets comfortable.

Now how can an interview process make the candidate fall in love with the company?
Well, provide the candidate with a hassle-free and uncomplicated interview experience.
And, the best way to do that is:

Online Candidate Interview Process

Online hiring process is the best way to interview and assess the candidate without having any rigidity regarding time consumption and logistics. Recruiters can assess the candidates on any subject or can determine the competencies of the candidate from the comfort of their homes. The process is hassle-free and does not require much budget. There are no anomalies regarding time-slots or interview dates or any such nuisance. Recruiters can proctor the candidates and disqualify anyone at any moment, if found guilty.

The candidates too, feel a lot more comfortable while performing online assessments. They feel free and composed and it has been found out that they provide better results in online assessments rather than in traditional interviews. The process is also more unbiased and proper in comparison to physical assessments and interviews.
It is faster and convenient for both parties. There is a provision for instant feedback where both parties can point out factors regarding each other, resulting in the improvement of both.

Various “big tech” companies have already adopted this method of assessment and are happy with the outcomes. They hire third-party assessment vendors to carry out the assessment and interview process before handing out the offers.

One of the best examples of third-party assessment vendors is is a platform that provides online assessment for every job role, across all industries. It assesses the candidates on real-world tasks and provides holistic skill assessments.

Big tech companies such as Facebook, AT&T, Nutanix, Collabera, etc., take the help of as a third-party assessment vendor for their hiring process. AI-Powered Recruitment Platform to Screen & Interview Candidates | Coding Assessments | Video Interviews | Stack Ranking provides interactive tests, coding interviews, programming assessments, etc.

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