Top Recruitment Management Tools For Staffing Agencies In 2021

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Updated on May 2, 2023

The recruitment cycle can be time-taking and costly. From elevating your brand image to composing sets of responsibilities and remaining in near correspondence with candidates en route, the cycle can require weeks or even a long time before a candidate is recruited. As an HR proficient, you have stores of activities on top of that interminable journey for finding the ideal candidate.

Fortunately, in the present technological world, there are plenty of recruitment tools accessible to streamline the cycle and save time to zero in on individual candidates.

Recruitment Tools

Recruitment programming is the keystone to any organization’s talent acquisition technique. It gives a focal area and information base for all enrollment endeavors. Having a database for recruitment makes it simpler to limit the number of candidates via scanning applications. Recruiters can save data to the information base, alter their work processes, apply channels to look, and guarantee they agree to government laws of recruitment.

Usefulness for most recruitment programming is worked around the accompanying columns:

  • Labor force Planning: making pools of internal and outside candidates.
  • Sourcing: job posting, publicizing, online media advancement.
  • Applicant Acquisition: references, screening, evaluations, and determination.
  • Candidate Tracking: talking with, record verifications, applicant correspondence.
  • Onboarding: gatherings, direction, preparing.
  • Investigation: detailing and metrics inserted all through the recruitment framework.

With such countless channels accessible, HR should not just distinguish which are best for their requirements but discover approaches to utilize them productively and viably.

So right away, here are the topmost helpful recruitment tools you need to begin utilizing at present:

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are employing databases utilized by recruiters to gather and track candidate information, and are quite possibly the most widely recognized hiring mechanization technology presently being used.

ATSs were among the primary bits of online hiring technology that arose during the 1990s. Early frameworks only tracked approaching CVs however as of late they have extended their usefulness into regions such as coordinating, CV parsing, and job posting on various channels, including online media.

Talent acquisition firm, Bersin by Deloitte highlights,

“The present ATSs are “reconciliation stages” that associate with different tools

and administrations utilized in the recruitment cycle.”

Without an ATS, it would take a gigantic group of recruiters to get past the heaps of candidate CVs. 90% of large organizations utilize this recruitment software to channel through the huge measures of resumes.

Web Sourcing

At the most refined level, web sourcing alludes to conveying a scope of cutting edge strategies to search out top talent. On a regular level, social and expert organizations, for example, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., have become the sourcing secrets to success for employing experts. The approach of LinkedIn and Facebook tested regular recruitment rehearses.

“LinkedIn holds so much data and its search tools are phenomenal for

intelligence-gathering as well as identifying potential candidates.

It’s also important for organizations to consider what they would do if they lost


• Katharine Robinson, a renowned recruiter in the UK

Mobile Hiring Tools

Record deals of ground-breaking cell phones and tablets are probably going to push mobile recruitment to the front line and are anticipated to turn into a vital channel for recruiting.

According to Comscore, 2.8 million job seekers a month access job postings from cell phones in the UK, with 67% looking every day. A Potential Park study discovered 88% of them search for jobs on their mobiles, with one out of three quick to apply utilizing their phones.

Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are roads to draw in candidates. If your site isn’t receptive to cell phones, you’ll before long experience 40% candidate deserting in your enrollment program.

Mobile recruitment tools can be separated into four principle territories:

  • QR (fast reaction) codes.
  • Text-based notifications.
  • Applications.
  • Portable advanced sites.

Community Tools

These tools can help coordinate HRs and recruitment teams with the remainder of the association and kill the storehouse approach that can hamper successful hiring. Recruiters can investigate a customized job that an individual could play in an association, especially on the off chance that they have been recognized as top talent.

Contact/Email Finding Tools

Finding the telephone number or email address for new talent can be a dull and tedious cycle. A contact locator will do that inquiry for you.

Projects that additionally confirm the contact data is precise and dynamic are particularly useful in evading bobbed messages. They additionally permit you to store, sort, and fare contacts, making them a helpful device for smoothing out your recruitment interchanges.

CRM Tools

Candidate relationship management (CRM) tools allow you to store the entirety of your leads and contacts in a single spot. These are like ATSs yet they give you a simple method to put together and search candidate information.

Most ATS programming has a CRM part implicit however there are additional independent alternatives.


Gamification is the pattern of applying game mechanics to recruitment. As per research, it will be an “exceptionally huge pattern” throughout the following five years. Over 70% of worldwide 2,000 associations will have in any event one gamified application.

Gamification can convey huge efficiencies at the front end of the recruitment cycle both as a fascination and an engagement tool just as a way to rapidly distinguish individuals with the right skills for a specific job. It can likewise be utilized to more readily interface, convey, and fabricate associations with candidates in the talent pool.

Big organizations like Canon, Cisco, L’Oreal, and Lexus use gamification to measure candidate skills.

Location Technology

Geolocation is the capacity to distinguish this present geographic location of an individual from their cell phone or PC gadget, commonly utilizing I.P. It can bring hiring and HR groups a lot nearer to the best talent.

Video Interviewing

Video interviews can get unpretentious information and non-verbal communication. Even though this ought not supplant face-to-face interviews, its speed and comfort permits more candidates to be seen close-up in the initial phases of the recruitment cycle.

Video is very much popular among the youth. Thus, HRs should be more tolerant of their spot in the recruitment cycle.

“It is particularly useful for candidates who have a long journey

and allows hiring managers to conduct a visual and

verbal assessment of the candidate.”

• Phil Sheridan, managing director of OfficeTeam UK

Planning Tools

Physically planning candidate interviews is regularly referred to as quite possibly the most dull parts of the recruiting cycle. Scheduling software mechanizes and smoothens out the cycle, permitting you to effortlessly check accessibility for all the candidates you’d prefer to meet with. This extraordinarily lessens the opportunity of scheduling clashes, making a superior encounter for both the recruiter and the applicant.

To aggregate it all…

Regardless of whether your organization is selecting a low-volume or a high-volume of candidates, one thing is for sure⁠—you need a framework to sort out and sustain every candidate in your recruiting channel.

With these tools in your framework, a great deal of the truly difficult work that accompanies recruiting can be put on autopilot.

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