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Why Psychometric Tests Are Popular for Recruiting

Most HR professionals consider psychometric tests an indispensable part of talent assessment tools. Why so? Well, the driving factor of any company is its employees. Employees make a company prosper; not the machines, not the technology but people. A company’s success depends on the people working there and thus the powerhouse behind the company must be […]

What Is Hiring Automation?

The global pandemic has triggered major shifts around the globe. From economies to workplaces, and from careers to lifestyle, the world has witnessed faster changes than expected. As echoed by everyone, COVID-19 has only accelerated the automation at workplaces around the world. Hiring automation is one among them. According to the World Economic Forum, “the future of […]

What Are Hackathons And Why Are They Important

A hackathon is an event where programmers, developers, and software engineers, sometimes referred to as hackers, come together to work collaboratively on a programming challenge. Companies will also use hackathons as a hiring event to recruit the best and brightest technical candidates.   Hackathons are growing in popularity, in fact, a recent study found that 40% of companies […]

Top Tips To Ace Your Next Technical Interview

Do you know it takes anywhere between 100-200 job applications to grab one job offer? The job market for developers has still huge! There are a lot of opportunities around and many companies are looking for different kinds of developers such as web, software, mobile, graphic, and others. However, not all companies offer great employment for engineers and many of them don’t […]

Technical Resume Writing Skills That Will Help You Get A Job

Finding a job is not easy, especially for people who are inexperienced at this. Additionally, things change quickly in the job market and every industry is different in its own way. Things that were important two years ago might not carry a lot of relevance today as trends and demands change quickly. Your resume is […]

Talented – Staffing Newsletter April 23-May 5, 2021

The Second edition of Talented. Your weekly staffing newsletter, keeping you updated on everything Staffing, WFH, talent, culture, and more. Top Industries Recruiting Most (in the US): Most In-Demand Talent (Source: LinkedIn) M&A This Week: New Rules/Compliances: New Sheriff in Town (Key Management Changes) Kirsty Poltock: MD of Singapore Operations, JAC Recruitment (Japanese staffing firm), w.e.f May 3, […]

Product Updates: January 2021

New year, new resolutions and an all-new enhanced Glider experience awaits you with new features and updates to make your hiring process more efficient than ever before! Take a look at the new features we have added this month to make your Glider experience more rewarding: Beefed Up Proctoring With Visual Instructions: To make proctoring […]

Leveraging Psychometric Assessments For Better Hiring Decisions

Among many trick questions used to help employers reveal hidden motives of job applicants, psychometric assessments are heavily rooted in science. The foundations of these pre-employment assessment tools are laid down by some of the greatest names in the history of science, such as Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton, and E.H. Weber.  Today psychometric assessments are widely used to […]

Key Trends In Talent Assessment – Step Up Your Recruiting Game For 2022 And Beyond!

Talent assessment, recruitment, and retention have drastically altered over the years. Employee management is rapidly shifting and transforming to meet future challenges and emerging trends in recruitment. Disruptive technologies such as AI & Big Data are driving talent acquisition and making it far more captivating than ever. With the dynamic trends in hiring, there is the utmost need for agencies and enterprises […]

Join Us For Glider Live Training

Get Trained on all Glider Products! Glider’s monthly webinars are a great way to learn all about Glider products, features and how to make the best use of them to automate and enhance your hiring process. Hosted once every month, Glider Training Webinars are open to anyone who wants to learn about Glider’s products, features, updates […]

Candidate Experience: The Secret to Winning Over Top Talent

Hiring the top candidate is a strategic move for your company. It relies heavily on providing the best hiring experience or candidate experience. Yes, the work culture has certainly transformed but so are the ways of recruiting candidates. Winning over quality talent for your company requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. Thus, as a recruiter, […]

How To Hire More While Working Less Using AI!

Artificial intelligence is part of the present and future and is widely becoming an accepted HR technology. The emerging technologies helping to attract and identify quality candidates but the human connection still remains important. The industry is still in early adoption phase but we’re ready for the same. Aren’t we? Apurva Pundir, HR Manager at […]

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