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Automate & Accelerate Screening

 Qualify quicker, and close candidates faster!

Screen and qualify high volume, time-sensitive job reqs at speed and scale.

Talent Connect

Toss the resume and let Talent Connect take care of screening applicants through highly interactive AI-enabled conversations.

Phone Screen

When you need further qualification, Phone Screenenables intelligent conversations with candidates in the most technical and experienced job reqs to fill.
Talent Intelligence to Win More Business

10x Your candidate pipeline with Top Talent

Transform transactional client relationships into strategic partnerships, by leading with talent quality. 
Interview Scheduling
Tech, non-tech, any role across all industries; Glider AI will validate skill, fit, and competency, so you’re guaranteed top talent. 
DE&I Filters
Glider removes any unintentional bias from screening to interview, so you have insurance that only the best person is shared with clients.
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Candidate Reporting
Comprehensive talent insights give your client all the intel to hire the talent you present. Glider will even stack rank candidates based on the job req and collect client feedback!
Talent Pool
Glider can augment your candidate pools with vetted talent to help you deploy and redeploy hard to find talent on demand for existing and future assignments.

Make Talent Quality a Priority! 

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