Smarter screening, faster hiring.

Automate applicant screening, engage candidates, and accelerate hiring of top talent with AI enabled Talent Connect.
Glider AI Talent Quality Platform AI Chat Bot to Screen Qualify and Engage Candidates


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better hiring

Talent Connect automates screening + fills your pipeline with qualified candidates


Create: Add job requirements and get recommended screening questions.


Launch: Invite candidates to Talent Connect across social media, SMS, WhatsApp or link in job descriptions.


Evaluate: Review vetted, ranked candidates, and auto-schedule for next steps.

Remove candidate screening burdens from your recruiters

Multi-channel candidate outreach

Meet candidates where they are, Talent Connect can screen and engage candidates on social media, email, text and WhatsApp.

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Glider AI Talent Quality Platform Multi Channel Outreach
Glider AI Talent Quality Platform AI Chat bot to engage candidates

Supercharge candidate engagement

Talent Connect is always on, so you can connect with candidates 24/ in human-like conversations.
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Understand candidate intent

Based on responses, Talent Connect can assess who really wants a job, improving the likelihood of closing.
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Glider AI Talent Quality Platform Helps you Understand Candidate Intent
Glider AI Talent Quality Platform Talent Connect - verify candidate skill

Verify candidate skill

Talent Connect helps you validate skill level and competency for 150+ tech roles and 100+ non-tech functional roles.
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Assess candidate fit

Video resumes help you assess communication, and scientific-based questions help evaluate a candidate's fit.
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Glider AI Talent Quality Platform Talent Connect - assess candidate fit
Glider AI Talent Quality Platform Talent Connect - automate next steps

Automate recruiter tasks

Remove tedious tasks like note-taking, screening interviews, and scheduling. Talent Connect automates all the above, moving qualified and interested candidates to the next steps.
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Integrate into your HR tech stack

Not only can you activate Talent Connect in 3-steps and without code, but it also integrates into your ATS, so all your data is where you need it.
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Features that improve hiring speed and talent quality

Conversational AI

A human-touch without humans that engages and pre-qualifies candidates.

Video Resumes

Capture intangibles like personality and enthusiasm for the role.

REPORTING &  Insights

Analyze friction points, candidate interest levels to improve hiring in real-time.

Questions LIbrary

Access hundreds of screening questions, add your own, or let Talent Connect choose!

Automated Outreach

Reach thousands of candidates in one click, saving you hours on pre-qualifying.

Intent Ranking

AI ranks candidates by fit, skill, and interest, moving the most qualified to next steps.

Hot Lists

Identify and shortlist candidates for current and future job requisites. 

Automated Scheduling

Talent Connect auto schedules interviews for qualified and interested candidates.


Available via browser, app or mobile device, screen more candidates, no constraints.


Screen, engage, and connect with candidates via email, social media, sms, and WhatsApp.


Delight candidates in a fully customizable and branded experience.


Vetted questions & templates ensures fair and consistent screening for all applicants.

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Frequently asked questions

The Glider AI Talent Quality Platform offers the most comprehensive suite of hiring and recruiting software, here are some commonly asked questions about Talent Connect Candidate Screening Software

What is a Talent Connect?

Talent Connect is Candidate Screening Software that allows you to automate candidate pre qualification via AI enabled conversations.

Does Talent Connect work on multiple devices?

Talent Connect is available on desktop, Android, and iOS. You can also use Talent Connect to engage candidates over WhatsApp and SMS.

What does Talent Connect do?

Talent Connect uses AI enabled conversations to engage candidates and pre-qualify candidates in both technical and non-technical roles. Many organizations use Talent Connect to free up recruiter time so that they can focus on speaking to qualified candidates. 

How can I buy Talent Connect?

Talent Connect is available as a separate product and available as part of the Glider Talent Quality Platform. Talent Connect is available on a license basis or through an enterprise hiring program. Please contact sales to understand pricing better.

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