Senior Ruby Developer Interview Questions

This ideal assortment of senior ruby developer interview questions will help you figure out the potential candidate for your organization.

Senior Ruby Developer Interview Questions

Like every technical role, this position also demands qualities like the willingness to learn, qualified skills and passion for the job. The first step is to analyze the college performance, but it doesn’t give a complete picture. A solid background in computer science makes the most crucial part while hiring for this profile.

Here are some questions you should be asking while interviewing a senior ruby developer.

  • Ask questions related to basic algorithmic concepts.
  • Test their knowledge of basic algorithms and ask how would they find/think/sort.
  • Do they have the wider understanding of databases?
  • What is their approach to modeling?
  • Talk about their favorite technical book. Is there any specific blog they turn to?
  • What ways do they employ to stay up to date with the latest developments?
  • Ask about their contribution to any open source software projects.
  • Do they take part in Hackathons or active on Github?
  • Are they working on any side project such as game development? If yes, tell them to describe their project.

These senior ruby developer interview questions will help you in analyzing the true potential of the candidate.

Computer Science questions

  • How to distinguish between a good unit test and a functional test?
  • Can you reverse a string recursively and iteratively by using a pseudo-code?
  • Elaborate REST API. How it differs from RPC?
  • What would you find in a regression test suite and why?
  • How do you know that a particular time is the best to set up the test infrastructure in the life cycle of a project?

Role-specific questions

  • How are the arguments in ruby passed?
  • Ruby MRI uses a global interpreter lock, does it mean that ruby does not use real threads?
  • Name the tools that you would use for debugging, linting and profiling.
  • What does the “block or lambda make a closure” means?
  • Ruby 2.1 has introduced a generational garbage collection.
  • Explain how it works? Can you tell why it is considered an improvement?
  • What is the difference between proc and block?
  • Write a code that displays the Fibonacci sequence of any length as an array.