Data Architect Interview Questions

This day and age, almost every organization big and small, is looking to leverage big data for business growth. But in order to do so, businesses need to integrate data from a plethora of unrelated sources. This is where a Data Architect steps in.

The Data Architect is responsible for aligning the IT assets with the organization’s business goals. He is required to develop a blueprint that ensures effective data management keeping in mind that the business requirements are likely to change constantly.

An ideal Data Architect will also design, setup and maintain systems that ensure safe and secure storage of a company’s information. They evaluate both users as well as database system requirement and create models to provide functional solutions.

 Verify Educational Qualifications

  • Degree (Bachelor/Masters) in Computer Science
  • Finance Professionals.

Verify Experience

  • Experience in Business Administration
  • Domain Skills in Analysis, Regulatory and Capital Reporting.
  • Experience in Managing Change Delivery

Make sure you ask questions that focus on requirements analysis, documentation and testing. Interview questions listed below will help you to identify the candidates who can provide creative solutions.

Skill-Based and Situational questions

  • How do you gather user requirements for a new project?
  • How will you design a model to describe our sales process?
  • Where will you start if you have to review an existing database to identify improvements?
  • Name the model that you will use to forecast our quarterly and annual sales trends, and why?

Job-specific questions

  • Which database software have you used?
  • How a dimensional model differs from a third normal form data model?
  • Do you have experience using statistical analysis tools like SAS and SPSS?
  • Describe software design patterns. Which patterns are you familiar with?
  • Are you familiar with snowflake schema?
  • Which visualization tools have you worked on?

Behavioral Questions

  • Do you have experience in presenting models to senior managers?
  • What was the most challenging database issue you faced? How did you handle it?
  • How do you ensure your audience understand technical details?
  • Do you participate in seminars or meetups? If yes, mention some of your favorites.