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How it works

99.9% confidence across all hiring

Pre Assessment

  • Capture location + IP​
  • Take profile picture​
  • Photo ID check ​
  • Internet speed test​
  • Camera permissions​
  • Screen share permissions​
  • Microphone/speaker-test​
  • Track multiple attempts​

During Assessment

  • Device tracking alerts: internet browsing, external apps, tab switch, clickstream, copy-paste, screen sharing, webcam/screen feed recording.
  • External tracking alerts: looking away, face not detected, multiple faces, brightness.​
  • Watermarked content​
  • Limit assessment exits​
  • Block multiple attempts​
  • Multi-Device Proctoring​
  • Visual impersonation detection​

Post Assessment

  • Cheating probability score​
  • Audit trail of candidate activities​​
  • Candidate duplication check​​
  • Video analysis for suspicious activities​​
  • Code plagiarism check​​
  • Name + email check for duplicates​​
  • Identify phone usage​
  • Audio check, detect multiple voices​

Eliminate fraud, validate competence

Glider AI Assessments
Glider AI Hire 2
Glider AI Advanced Tracking

Automated Monitoring 

Before skill-testing starts, Glider asks candidates for permission to track behaviour from keystrokes, audio, and webcam

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video interview

Face Detection

Your face is your new fingerprint; Glider's face detection remembers who takes the test, preventing bait and switch.
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Frame 142

Advanced Tracking

Glider actively monitors problematic behaviors and patterns from keystrokes to a copy and paste.

The AI even tracks eye movement for suspicious behavior and monitors the room to ensure the candidate is solo.

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More AI-Proctoring to find the best candidate, ever!

task library
Monitoring Reports
Hiring teams are provided with a detailed report for each tested candidate, giving you a record to compare competency and integrity. Net, hire the best with Glider.
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video resume
Cheating Analysis
Sometimes it's innocent, and sometimes it's not. For reassurance, Glider reports possible cheating occurrences, so you have the facts to decide whether to move forward or not. 
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DE&I Filters
Plagiarism Checks
Our AI-enabled tech compares candidate coding work with online sources and compares with other submissions to flag possible plagiarism issues.
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Setting Analysis
Now, you have access to a global workforce, making it impossible to meet everyone in person. Our AI  monitors everything questionable that happens in the room.
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Glider puts hiringon autopilot

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