Real Estate Agent Interview Questions

The Real Estate Agent interview questions given in this template will help you in hiring the most suitable candidate for this job.

What is the role of a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agents are mainly responsible for connecting the sellers of properties to their potential buyers. They act as a bridge between the two parties, hence executing the entire process under their supervision. They also promote the properties by marketing and advertisements. After finding the potential buyers, they negotiate the prices and terms for the sale/purchase process. That’s why the candidates who have knowledge of real estate markets and best practices will stand out for this role. Real Estate Agents must be aware of all property laws and regulations, so make sure to evaluate the candidates for their knowledge regarding this aspect. In many countries of the world, they are also required to have a state-certified license so only call the licensed candidates for the interview depending on the local regulations. While selection, prefer the candidates with experience in Real Estate Industry or sales background in any other field. In exceptional cases, you may also consider promising newbies. The best candidates for this job will be highly customer-oriented with dynamic personalities. To succeed in this profession, the candidates must also have good presentation skills. Above all, the most important quality of good Real Estate Agents is their exceptional negotiation or communication skills. They must have an influencing personality with the ability of persuasion. To assess the candidates for the above-mentioned qualities, use the following Real Estate Agent interview questions. You can also add your own questions according to the specific requirements of your company.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Suppose a young couple is looking to buy an accommodation. What kind of property would you suggest to them?
  • What would you do to attract new customers?
  • How would you advertise a property to attract the maximum number of buyers? Are you familiar with social media marketing?
  • How would you identify that a deal is successful?
  • What questions would you ask buyers in order to know their needs?
  • Suppose you are told to sell a property on a short notice and you are not provided sufficient information regarding the property. What would you do?
  • How would you manage your schedule if you are dealing more than one case?
  • Suppose a conflict arises between the seller and the buyer during the negotiation of terms. How would you resolve it?
  • How do you store and maintain the data about your properties?

Role-specific questions

  • How do you ensure that the competitors don’t reach the properties you are advertising?
  • How do you inspect a property and what questions do you ask from its owner?
  • Describe which documents are needed for a property transaction.
  • How do you collaborate with contractors and mortgage lenders? What are the problems you face and how do you resolve them?
  • How knowledgeable are you about the real estate industry practices? Rate your knowledge on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • How do you keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry?

Behavioral questions

  • What was the biggest deal you have ever transacted? How did you make it successful?
  • How do you perform well, in a team or independently?
  • What would you do to satisfy a highly demanding client?
  • What will you do if a client behaves rudely with you? How would you deal with him while also ensuring the principles of customer service?