Leasing Consultant Interview Questions

The Leasing Consultant interview questions given in this template will help you in hiring the best candidate for this job.

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What is the role of a Leasing Consultant?

Leasing Consultants carry out all leasing activities such as finding tenants, presenting properties, negotiating lease contracts, handling insurance and maintenance issues of properties etc. They are usually employed by real estate, landlords or rental agencies for handling the leasing of a property.
Leasing Consultants may have very diverse backgrounds. It is not mandatory for the candidates to have a professional degree if they have sales or real estate experience in past. For junior roles, you can even hire people with sales experience in any field and can train them later. For large scale operations, make sure to hire the most experienced ones with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Real Estate or Contract Management. In any case, the candidates must have the license to practice their profession and should be aware of all property laws, rental laws, and tax regulations.
In addition to the technical expertise, the candidates must have salesperson skills, presentation and persuasion abilities, communication skills, and ability to handle customer demands. To assess the candidates for these qualities, use the following Leasing Consultant interview questions. You can add or remove any question depending on the specific requirements of your company. The best candidates will have a sound knowledge of your company and your regular clients.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How do you advertise or market the properties? Have you ever used social media marketing techniques in past?
  • What are the usual questions you ask from a potential tenant to know their requirements? What questions do you ask from property owners?
  • How do you verify the applications for tenants? Describe the usual procedure.
  • Suppose a property gets destroyed by a natural disaster. What would you do as the Leasing Consultant of that specific property?

Role-specific questions

  • Describe the importance of customer service in your job?
  • Do you use any software or any other technology for your work?
  • Which type of properties have you leased in past?
  • How do you manage your schedule while dealing a number of properties at a time?
  • Do you think you are a good salesperson? If so, why?
  • How do you keep yourself updated about the latest trends in the real estate industry?

Behavioral questions

  • Have you ever faced any ethical problem in past? Describe the scenario and how you handled it.
  • How do you resolve the disputes between the tenants and the property owners? Describe any such incident.
  • Describe a time when you persuaded any renter to renew their lease.
  • What was the most difficult sale you have ever made? How did you make it successful?