Interior Designer Interview Questions

The Interior Designer interview questions given in this template will help you to hire the best candidate for this job.

What is the role of an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers make sure that the internal spaces of our built assets are aesthetical and visually appealing. That’s why the most important qualities of the candidates for this job are innate innovation, artistic creativity, and the ability to think out-of-the-box. Experience and a professional degree are preferable only if you are hiring for senior roles. Otherwise creative diploma holders, with no past experience, may suffice to fill the junior positions.

Make sure to have a look at the portfolios and past works of experienced candidates. You can assess the newbies by giving them a brief assignment on the spot such as selection of materials for designing a certain space or any similar task.

In addition to technical expertise, also evaluate the candidates for other qualities like teamwork, communication, management, etc. To assess the candidates for these qualities, use the following Interior Designer interview questions. You can add or remove any question depending on the specific requirements of your company.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Suppose one of your clients asks you to specifically design a certain room and due to some limitations, that design cannot be implemented. What would you do?
  • Suppose a client keeps rejecting every design of yours. How would you react?
  • Suppose a client continuously interferes with your work and criticizes everything. What would you do?

Role-specific questions

  • Show us a sample of your design which you consider the best of all?
  • Which considerations/limitations do you keep in mind while designing?
  • How do you make your design sustainable and efficient?
  • What do you prefer, appeal or functionality?
  • How creative are you on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • How do you ask the requirements of your clients?
  • Describe your favorite design style.
  • What was the most difficult project you have ever estimated? How did you make it successful?
  • Have you taken any interior design courses?
  • Which software do you use? Are you familiar with AutoCAD, In-design, 3D Max etc.?
  • What steps would you follow for renovation and interior designing project? Can you carry on both at the same time?
  • How do you keep yourself updated with the latest interior designs?

Behavioral Questions

  • What would you do if you are working with a team and you have a disagreement with them regarding a design?
  • Describe a time when a client hated your design. How did you react?
  • Has it ever happened that you exceeded the budget for a project? What did you do?
  • Have you ever lagged behind schedule? How did you catch up ensuring the quality of work?
  • How do you collaborate with architects, contractors, and other tradespeople? What difficulties do you face and how do you resolve them?