Social Media Specialist Interview Questions

Ask these sample Social Media Specialist interview questions during your hiring process to evaluate candidates’ skills and select the most qualified professionals.

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Social Media Specialist Interview Questions

A Social Media Specialist is not just a person who keeps your social media accounts updated. The professional should have a deep understanding of how different social media channels work and how content can be optimized to make it more engaging on all those channels. They are also responsible for communicating with your customers online and “soft selling” your product by giving support to current and prospective clients.
Social Media Specialists are able to create strong working relationships with the other departments in your company. They work jointly with search marketers, graphic designers, and content writers. The candidates should have a deep understanding of how social media, content, and SEO work together to build effective digital marketing campaigns.
Social media blunders can remain forever in screenshots, so you should hire someone with great situational judgment. Questions like “How would you deal with angry clients?” can be helpful in this case. Use below-given interview questions to assess your candidates’ experience of managing social media for companies as well as their overall attitude and approach.

Role-specific questions

  • Tell me about your current marketing team. What is your role in it?
  • How content marketing and social media are related?
  • Social media trends keep updating. How do you stay upbeat?
  • How brand-building and social media are related?
  • Name the social channels you use and why.
  • In your personal life what social media platforms do you use?
  • Name the strategies you use for creating a social media following.
  • Describe the brand voice of your previous company.
  • What do you have to say about your previous company’s visual identity?
  • Name the tools you prefer for social listening, project management, content curation, scheduling etc.
  • Do you have any experience of using social media for client support?
  • How are sales and social media related?
  • How do you present the results of your work?
  • What things do you keep in mind when creating content for client engagement?
  • How do you use social media for offline events?
  • Do you have any experience of interacting with angry clients on social media?
  • How do you handle negative comments on company’s social media account?
  • What do you want to say about our present social presence? How could you improve it?