Internal Auditor Interview Questions

These Internal Auditor interview questions provide a snapshot of what type of questions to ask in order to assess the skills, approach, and knowledge required for the profile. Similar designations include Audit Manager, Senior Auditor, Compliance Auditor, Audit Supervisor and Staff Auditor.

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Internal Auditor Interview Questions

The ideal candidates for this position generally have a degree in finance, accounting or related business niche. When recruiting for the senior position, you may want to recruit someone with additional certifications, like CRMA, CIA etc. Ideally, they must have knowledge of audit planning, control principles, corporate governance, compliance audit and risk management.

Relevant experience and deep knowledge of accounting is important for this position. During the interview, ask questions to find out how familiar they are with auditing operations or procedures.

Internal Auditors are organized and have strong critical thinking skills. Businesses rely on them to effectively communicate their visions and give helpful suggestions. It is also vital for Internal Auditors to have negotiation skills as reporting disagreements usually call for a humble approach, test these skills by asking situational or operational questions. This will also help you in determining important qualities like the attention to detail, thoroughness, and ethics. Look for candidates who are aware of the seriousness of their role and are able to do it effectively and ethically.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How do you handle cases of fraud?
  • If you suspect a company is exposed to a major risk. What risk management techniques will you use?
  • Tell me about a serious operational issue you ever detected. How did you know about it and what solutions did you suggest?
  • How do you deal with uncooperative team members? · Have you ever experienced conflict in your workplace? How did you resolve it?
  • Tell me about a time when you suggested a new plan and it proved successful.
  • What type of challenges do you face when presenting a new recommendation? How do you persuade your seniors?
  • Has anyone ever asked you to cover up a fraud? What did you do?

Role-specific questions

  • How do you think your education and experience have helped you to be an Internal Auditor?
  • What are the reports you consider when developing an audit plan?
  • What do you do after finishing an audit?
  • Name the key elements of internal control systems. How do you review them?
  • Do you have any experience of using audit software?
  • Do you know about IFRS?
  • What is information technology control?
  • What is your approach to collecting important raw data?
  • How do you stay upbeat with changes in laws and regulations?
  • How does internal auditing add value to an organization?
  • What do you like about your job role as an Internal Auditor?