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Do your own real-world evaluations with our AI-powered engine.

All you need to hire qualified candidates faster and continue to develop them.

Recruiting Solutions

Find your most qualified candidates faster with AI-powered stack ranking, video interviews and real-world job simulations.

L & D Solutions

Make sure your team keeps their skills sharp by identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

Recruiting solutions for any role

Ensure candidates can do the job, even before they meet with your team.

Technical recruiting
Auto-scored coding tasks, engineering simulations, coding tests and data-driven interviews.

Sales recruiting
Find out if your sales candidate has the ability to get the appointment and close the sale.

All function recruiting
Send a quick video interview that your candidate can even do on a mobile device.

Learning & Development Solutions
Make sure your team keeps up with the pace of change by developing new skills. Identify skill gaps, monitor the effectiveness of your learning programs and support a merit-based promotion culture.

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