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Visual Designer Job Description

joseph cole

Updated on December 14, 2022

Visual Designers are conceptual artists. They work on design projects like comprehensive brand imagery, story visuals, and artistic visions. Also, they rarely code but collaborate with Web Designers to create visual aesthetics for a brand or a product. 

So, here you go with the best Visual Designer job description in town that speaks of the job expectations, requirements, and beyond.

Visual Designer Job Description

We are hiring a Visual Designer who can translate concepts into visuals through designs, interfaces, and data-driven analysis.

Candidates must have a portfolio of their work illustrations and a good understanding of UX and UI is commendable.

Certifications from Adobe Creative Suite, CUX, and UXPA will be loved the most.

What are we looking for?

  • Advanced degrees in design, web development, and user experience (nice to have)
  • Familiarity with UX, UI, user research, prototyping, functionality, and motion design
  • Solid experience in project management and goals
  • Flair for color, spacing, patterns, and typography
  • An eye on the latest visual developments and structures

What a day in the life of a Visual Designer will look like?

  • Conduct usability testing for design validation decisions and when required, collaborate with user research groups to understand their needs & requirements
  • Leverage the skills and expertise to create on-strategy concepts through active participation in brainstorms and other idea-generating sessions
  • Interact with Product, Engineering, and UX for developing creative solutions for web, and mobile products
  • Extract ideas from wireframes/briefs for conceptual designs, visual treatments, and high-fidelity designs
  • Lead creative production and develop simple iconic, yet scalable marketing communication tactics
  • Create UI (User Interface)  implementation specifications for the team
  • Meet complex design challenges with interface solutions with other teams
  • Work from upstream design specifications (wireframes and the equivalent), or suggested approaches, develop a variety of graphic design artifacts, including high fidelity page/screen/interface design and styling guides/specifications to support correct downstream coding and development activities
  • Ensure design consistency through with/following broader style guides/specifications currently being used
  • Decide on a variety of executions to match differing platform/presentation requirements

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