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The arms race for finance tech talent: how to find your next hire

Alex Mathew

Updated on October 3, 2023

As with every other industry, the finance industry needs top-notch talent. As financial systems become more complex and heavily dependent on technology, there is a surge for tech talent within the industry. There are 25,000 open jobs for tech roles in finance today, on LinkedIn alone and finance has emerged as a highly sought-after industry for job-seekers.

Glider AI ran a query on LinkedIn jobs, looking at all the open positions across the largest financial institutions in the US. What does the data tell us?

  • LinkedIn data reports 56,478 open jobs at the largest US-based financial firms.
  • Despite the high value placed on remote and flexible work with Gen Z candidates, 81% of the jobs listed require on-site work. 
  • Unsurprisingly, tech accounted for most open roles at 21,197, finance and accounting at 19,203, and sales-related jobs at 17,793 across all the banks included in the research.
Company% of open Tech Roles
Bank of America76.93%
Capital One54.98%
Fannie Mae16.67%
Freddie Mac24.25%
Morgan Stanley17.78%
State Street17.11%
TD Bank48.49%
US Bank19.24%
Wells Fargo39.41%

Ensuring that the skills on paper match a candidate’s real world ability is an important step in the hiring process to ensure that the efforts of TA and HR teams don’t go to waste. We’ve listed out the top 5 in-demand tech roles in the finance industry along with some skill assessment questions that should help you in your quest for the best talent:

.NET Developer

(Access the complete hiring guide)

  • Top Skills: .Net Core, C#, Rest API, SQL, ASP.NET, Database knowledge, Web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript), API development, Front-end frameworks (Angular or React)

Skill Assessment Questions

Topic:. .Net Core

  • Match the following statements with their respective correct labels

Topic:. .Net Core

  • Complete the following code. In this part, you need to choose the right methods and packages in .net core to start the app.
Glider AI .net developer hiring guide

Android Developer

(Access the complete hiring guide)

  • Skills: Android Studio, Android SDK, Java

Skill Assessment Questions

Topic: Android SDK

  • In the SharedPreferences code given below, choose the correct options from the drop-down

Topic: Android SDK

  • Consider the following fragment of code below for creating a menu. Complete the following code.
Glider AI android developer hiring guide

Cloud Engineer

(Access the complete hiring guide)

  • Skills: AWS Amazon Web Services, Azure, C#, CICD, Google Cloud Platform, NoSQL, SQL, String Searching

Skill Assessment Questions

Topic: AWS

  • Following is the BuildSpec file for CodeBuild project, you need to complete the missing command to make it run successfully.

Topic: AWS

  • Complete the following commands in CodeBuild BuildSpec files.
Glider AI cloud engineer skill assessment test

Business Analyst

(Access the complete hiring guide)

  • Skills: Data Structures, MS Excel, MS Excel Pivot Table, Power BI, SQL, Tableau

Skill Assessment Questions

Topic: MS Excel (Pivot)

  • You have an Excel list with details of movies (titles, release year, and genre). Select the correct options from the following drop-downs to create a Pivot table, as shown below.

Topic: SQL

  • Consider the given section of a table that contains information about the used cars that a car trading company sells.
Glider AI business analyst hiring guide

Big Data Engineer

(Access the complete hiring guide)

  • Skills: Apache Spark, Arrays, AWS, Hadoop, Hadoop Administration, Lambda Function, Scala

Skill Assessment Questions

Topic: Spark SQL

  • In the given Spark SQL code snippet select the most appropriate options.

Topic: Hadoop

  • The following is a list of default ports that run there and their configuration values. Fill in the missing parts.
Glider AI big data engineer hiring guide

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