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Updated on April 29, 2023

Get Trained on all Glider Products!

Glider’s monthly webinars are a great way to learn all about Glider products, features and how to make the best use of them to automate and enhance your hiring process. Hosted once every month, Glider Training Webinars are open to anyone who wants to learn about Glider’s products, features, updates and integrations. 

Our monthly webinar teaches you step-by-step how to use remote hiring tools such as online assessments, video interviews and coding tests- right from creating tests, inviting candidates, managing the hiring process to sharing feedback and taking data-backed decisions in a seamless manner, remotely, free from logistical hassles.

If you want to hire remotely and are looking to learn about tools that can you use to hire top talent remotely, these webinars will be very useful for you. You will also get to learn how you can get started for free with Glider’s AI-based hiring automation tools to reduce your hiring time by >50% and increase quality of hires by >90%. No conditions applied!


Glider trainings include a 40-minute overview of the features available to you followed by a designated Q & A time. Our team will be live, answering questions and providing support to help you get off the ground running with Glider and online recruitment.

All Glider trainings are FREE!

We hope you join us for these exciting live events!

We will consistently update this page with our upcoming trainings and training recordings.

At a Glance: Upcoming Live Trainings


Training Recordings

Here, we’ll add on-demand recordings of our recent trainings. If none of the live events work for your schedule, check out a recording. Have questions? Reach out to info@glider.ai.



Catch the recording of Glider Training! You’ll learn how to create an account, create and manage assessments, view and interpret candidate report, recent product updates, integrations and more!

Feel free to share the Glider Training Webinar invite with anyone who wants to understand Glider products, wants to try out Glider free or paid version, or simply needs help taking their hiring process online.

In case you need any clarifications on any of Glider Training Webinars or are having trouble registering, please reach out to us at contact@glider.ai or reach us on Intercom. 


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