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Hiring a Computer Systems Engineer

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Updated on December 2, 2022

Why Hire a Computer Systems Engineer? 

A Computer Systems Engineering career is for you if you have a knack for technological and analytical systems. Hailed as one of the top 50 tech jobs in the United States by CNN Money, a Systems Engineer is literally in demand across any industry in the world.  

Many companies hire them because the role is an interface between management, technology, networks, and external stakeholders.  

Tech recruiters must know how to bring the best out of technology, communication, leadership, and professionalism during the assessment process. 

What is a Computer Systems Engineer? 

The International Council on Systems Engineering defines systems engineering as,

“A transdisciplinary and integrative approach to enable the successful realization, use, and retirement of engineered systems, using systems principles and concepts, and scientific, technological, and management methods.”

System Engineering (SE) has two components

  • Technical Process: Ex: technical issues and resolutions. 
  • Management Process: Ex: organizing and coordinating the technical effort in its lifecycle. 

Also called Systems Engineer or Systems Architect, the role of a Computer Systems Engineer revolves around tests and software evaluation.  

Apart from this, they also deal with servers, routers, file storage systems, networking cables, desktop machines, and other hardware components. 

As a part of cloud technology, Systems Engineers integrate computer systems with remote servers and virtual machines.  Also, an experience in cybersecurity will be an added advantage concerning the rise of cyber-attacks and data leaks. 

Why are Computer Systems Engineers in High Demand? 

Careers in Systems Engineering are skyrocketing due to advancements in defense, aerospace, robotics, and other sectors along with the development of commercial tools for modeling architectures and systems.  

These sectors and tools need accurate scientific support to dodge the risks of digital gaps in data and system architecture. 

Dr. Rick Hefner, Executive Director of California Institute of Technology notes that the global context for Systems Engineering is based on global engineering trends, global trends, human and societal needs, and of course technology trends as well.  

The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job outlook growth for System Engineers at 5% through 2030. 

Average pay for a Computer Systems Engineer 

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average of a Computer Systems Engineers’ salary in the USA is $80,092 per year with an added compensation between $1,591 – $36,076. 

Computer Systems Engineer KPIs 

  • Effectiveness of the SE process 
  • Ability to mobilize the right resources at the right time for a new project or new project phase 
  • Quality of SE process outputs 
  • Timeliness of SE process outputs 
  • SE added value to project 
  • System added value to end users 
  • Organization’s SE capability development 
  • Individuals’ SE competence development 
  • Resource utilization, current, and forecast 
  • Deployment and consistent usage of tools and methods 

How can Glider AI help you with Hiring a Computer Systems Engineer? 

Glider’s recruitment platform is built on the mission, of “competency over credentials”. This way, you can make the most of the hiring assessments through a structured and data-driven candidate-evaluation process. 

Glider AI’s Unique Features

  • Conversational Chatbot for Talent Screening
  • Interactive, coding-enabled skill tests
  • Powerful candidate analytics 

Discover Hiring Resources for Computer Systems Engineers

  • Computer Systems Engineer Job Description
  • Computer Systems Engineer Interview Questions
  • Computer Systems Engineer Skills Test
  • How to Hire a Computer Systems Engineer

Access 2,000 pre-built assessments covering over 500 skills with 250,000 questions, all validated by 2,000 SMEs including this for the Computer Systems Engineer role.  

Go ahead and spotlight your Computer Systems Engineer with Glider AI today! 

You can always write to us at info@glider.ai to help you access the hiring resources.


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