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Flight Nurse Job Description

Alex Mathew

Updated on February 4, 2024

What is a Flight Nurse?

A Flight Nurse is a highly trained and specialized registered nurse who provides critical care and medical assistance to patients during aeromedical transport, typically in helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft. The job description for a Flight Nurse encompasses a range of responsibilities related to delivering emergency medical care in the air.

Flight Nurse Job Description

Flight Nurses play a crucial role in the timely and safe transfer of patients who require critical care, often bridging the gap between the scene of an emergency and a medical facility. Their specialized training and skills are essential for ensuring the well-being of patients during aeromedical transport.

  1. Patient Assessment and Stabilization:
    • Conduct rapid assessments of patients’ conditions during transport.
    • Stabilize and provide initial treatment for critically ill or injured patients.
  2. Critical Care Interventions:
    • Administer advanced medical treatments, including medications, intravenous fluids, and life support measures.
    • Monitor and manage patients with severe medical conditions or trauma.
  3. Emergency Response:
    • Respond to medical emergencies in a variety of settings, including accident scenes, hospitals, or remote locations.
    • Perform life-saving procedures and interventions as necessary.
  4. Collaboration with Flight Crew:
    • Work closely with pilots and other members of the flight crew to ensure safe and efficient aeromedical transport.
    • Communicate effectively to coordinate patient care and respond to in-flight emergencies.
  5. Equipment Operation:
    • Operate and maintain specialized medical equipment on board the aircraft.
    • Ensure the readiness and functionality of all medical and safety equipment.
  6. Documentation:
    • Maintain accurate and thorough documentation of patient assessments, interventions, and responses during transport.
    • Complete patient care reports for handover to receiving medical facilities.
  7. Communication with Medical Teams:
    • Communicate with referring and receiving medical teams to provide information about the patient’s condition and treatment.
    • Facilitate smooth transitions of care between healthcare facilities.
  8. Adaptability:
    • Adapt to various environmental conditions, including turbulence, limited space, and challenging weather conditions.
  9. Crisis Management:
    • Effectively manage crises and high-stress situations during transport.
    • Demonstrate calmness and resilience in emergency scenarios.
  10. Continuing Education:
    • Stay current on the latest advancements in critical care and aeromedical transport through ongoing professional development.
  11. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensure compliance with aviation and healthcare regulations governing aeromedical transport.
  12. Cultural Competence:
    • Provide care that respects and considers the diverse cultural backgrounds and needs of patients.

How much does a Flight Nurse make?

The average salary for a Flight Nurse is $112808 per year

Flight Nurse Skills

Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Trauma Care, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Advanced Life Support (ALS) Certification, Aeromedical Evacuation, Communication, Decision-Making Under Pressure, Team Collaboration, Navigation and Orientation, Emergency Response, Patient Stabilization, Adaptability, Cultural Competence, Continuous Learning.

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