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  • Verify Medical Licenses
  • Validate Hundreds of Medical, Clinical, and Technical Skills
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  • Ensure Hiring Compliance
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    Automate and Accelerate Recruiting for High Demand Healthcare Talent

    Verify medical licenses and certifications

    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Confirm Medical Licenses
    Glider AI Healthcare Recruiting Solutions Confirm Skill Levels

    Collect important medical documentation

    Complete Skills Checklist and capture medical specialties

    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Confirm Medical Licenses
    Glider AI Healthcare Recruiting Solutions Confirm Skill Levels

    Confirm job interest, shift preferences, and salary expectations


    Accelerate the hiring of top talent

    Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.

    Glider guarantees the best healthcare hire for every hire

    Allied Health
    Clinical & Scientific
    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Recruiting for Nursing Candidates

    Glider guarantees nursing skill across patient care, clinical, and technical needs

    Nursing roles are some of the most competitive positions to fill in healthcare recruiting. Glider efficiently verifies a nursing candidate's technical, clinical, and patient care expertise for hundreds of nursing roles using compliant AI Skills-Intelligence technology.

    Acute Rehabilitation Nurse
    Advanced Practice Nurse
    Cardiovascular Nurse
    Certified Nurse Midwife
    Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA)
    Clinical Nurse
    Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Nurse
    Critical Access Hospital Nurse
    Critical Care Nurse
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    Electrophysiology Nurse
    Emergency Room Nurse
    Endocrine Nurse
    Flight Nurse
    Geriatric Nurse
    Gerontological Nurse
    Hospice Nurse
    Long Term Care Nurse
    LPN/LVN - Acute Care
    LPN/LVN - Adult (General Examination)
    LPN/LVN - Crisis Care
    LPN/LVN - Home Health
    LPN/LVN - Occupational Health
    LPN/LVN - Psychiatric
    LPN/LVN - Public Health
    LPN/LVN - Skilled Nursing Facility
    Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Nurse
    Mental Health Nurse
    Nurse Anesthetist
    Nurse Educator
    Nurse Practitioner
    Nurse Supervisor
    Occupational Health Nurse
    Oncology Nurse
    Orthopaedic Nurse
    Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Nurse
    Registered Nurse
    Surgical Nurse
    Travel Nurse
    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Recruiting for Allied Health Candidates

    Glider guarantees allied health professionals meet top medical marks

    Allied health professionals work alongside medical professionals to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, technical, and direct patient care support. Glider makes it easy to validate skill for the entire breadth of allied healthcare roles.

    Clinical Laboratory Aide
    Dental Laboratory Technologist
    Dental Office Manager
    Dialysis Technician
    Electroencephalograph Technician
    Emergency Medical Technician—Paramedic
    Exercise Physiology
    Health Unit Coordinator
    Hematology Technician
    Histologic Technician
    Home Health Aide
    Medical Assistant
    Medical Illustrator
    Medical Laboratory Technician
    Medical Office Manager
    Medical Radiation Dosimetry Technician / Dosimetrists
    Medical Records Technician
    Medical Technician
    Mental Health/Human Services Coordinator
    Music Therapist
    Nuclear Medical Technician
    Nursing Assistant
    Occupational Therapist
    Physical Therapist
    Podiatric Assistant
    Practical Nursing Assistant
    Radiologic (Medical) Technician
    Recreational Therapist
    Respiratory Therapist
    Speech/Hearing Therapist Aide
    Surgical Technician
    Therapeutic Child Care Worker
    Veterinarian Assistant
    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Recruiting for Clinical and Scientific Candidates

    Glider guarantees objective hiring for all your clinical and scientific roles

    Evaluating clinical and scientific skills requires subject matter expertise, which is time-consuming and costly. Glider removes that burden from recruiters, confirming competency across hundreds of clinical, medical, and scientific skills.

    Analytical Chemist
    Bio Analytical Scientist
    Bio Process Associate
    Chemistry Development/Chemist
    Clinical Contract Coordinator
    Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) Writer
    Clinical Operations Management
    Clinical Project Lead
    Clinical Publication Associate
    Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    Clinical Safety Representative
    Clinical Scientist
    Clinical Trial Administrator
    Clinical/Managed Care Writer
    Documentation Specialist
    Drug Safety Specialist
    Formulation Scientist
    Lab Technician / Scientist
    Medical Writer
    Pharmacovigilance (PV) Scientist
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    Safety Scientist
    Sr. Clinical Scientist
    Formulation Scientist
    Trial Supply Manager
    Glider AI Healthcare Solutions Recruiting for Healthcare Admin Candidates

    Glider guarantees healthcare admins exceed patient expectations and meet all regulations

    There's a nuance to administrative healthcare professional skills with stringent compliance requirements like HIPPA laws, individual hospital requirements, and state-level mandates. Glider makes it easy, guaranteeing skill competency for hundreds of healthcare roles.

    Administrative Assistant
    Administrative Medical Assistant
    Admitting Officers
    Assistant Director of Nursing
    Benefits Administrator
    Bereavement Coordinator
    Certified Professional Coder
    Claims Processing Specialist
    Compliance Officer
    Customer Service Representative
    Geriatric Care Coordinator
    Health Information Management (HIM) Specialist
    Health Services Manager
    Hospital Public Relations Manager
    Intake Coordinator
    Medical Biller
    Medical Coding Specialist
    Customer Service Representative
    Medical Office Manager
    Medical Receptionist
    Medical Coding Specialist
    Medical Records Supervisor
    Medical Secretary
    Medical Transcriptionist
    Nursing Home Manager
    Patient Services Representative
    Product Manager
    Provider Network Manager
    Quality Assurance Manager
    (Medical) Underwriter

    Accelerate the hiring of top talent

    Make talent quality your leading analytic with skills-based hiring solution.