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Auto Proctoring: How It Works To Ensure Candidate Genuineness

joseph cole

Updated on April 28, 2023

Traditionally, proctoring was a classic tale between a candidate and an invigilator/proctor. The latter was all eyes to ensure a smooth flow of assessments and candidate genuineness. Spurred by the global pandemic due to Covid, proctoring too, like any other industry has undergone many innovations mainly to accommodate online examinations and remote hiring.

No wonder, it has met astronomical success among schools, universities, and recruiters as well. Automated proctoring or auto proctoring as it is commonly called has become quite a sensation in the world of recruitment as it can invigilate volumes of candidates at once and ensure candidate genuineness like no other.

Proctoring has a great role in assessing candidate authenticity and genuineness. The rise of remote hiring practices has also brought proctoring into limelight like never before. Proctoring in conjunction with supervision also assesses the test environment and behavior dynamics of the test candidate.

Auto Proctoring

Automation is not a stranger to recruitment and hiring domains. Simply said, auto proctoring is a technology-enhanced assessment. Empowered by AI, auto proctoring verifies biometric properties like facial recognition, keystroke dynamics, voice recognition, etc. It also goes beyond assessment fraud detection support in a test environment.

Thus, auto proctoring can remotely monitor a candidate and his test environment without human interference. Any non-standard behavior or cheating during the assessment duration is auto-flagged. Upon reoccurrences of such behaviors, the candidate is suspended from continuing the assessment.

Types of Auto Proctoring

Remote-based auto proctoring monitors everything that is needed to authenticate a candidate’s genuineness. So, the system ensures there is no space left for any cheating activity to creep in. Normally, auto proctoring takes a 360-degree approach for candidate authentication and test integrity.

Video Proctoring: The candidate’s webcam will be used for real-time monitoring and recording the candidate’s identity, test environment, and other activities. Any potential cheating or fraud is detected, and auto-flagged.

Audio Proctoring: Through the microphone, the candidate’s audio feed is scanned, recorded, and monitored with keen attention to additional noise or voice occurring during the assessment. Any sound that doesn’t conform to test guidelines will be auto-flagged. Image Proctoring: Live images of test candidate is captured at regular intervals. Then they are compared against the base image (taken before the assessment) to verify the genuineness. Any abnormality or other person intruding is auto flagged.

Why has Auto Proctoring gained wide acceptance?

  • Anytime, anywhere assessment
  • Ease of integration with existing LMS or assessment platform.
  • Cost-effective
  • Secured and data-driven
  • Reduced manual activities and interference
  • Better control on candidate’s activity and test environment
  • Auto flag any candidate malpractices or discrepancies
  • Multimedia analytics
  • Customization
  • No unnecessary privacy intrusion
  • Generate report on candidate assessment and behavior

Common Guidelines in Auto Proctoring

Generally speaking, there are no distinct rules and regulations in an auto proctoring system. In fact, the remote assessment facility allows candidates a great deal of flexibility to attend the test from anywhere at any time.

Yet, as a Samaritan candidate, one needs to adhere to these guidelines or a checklist:

  • Verified identification of the candidate
  • Enable webcam and microphone access
  • Same test environment from start to end
  • No intruder or proxy in the setting
  • Well-lit surrounding
  • Ensure zero/minimal disturbing noise or sound
  • No books, equipment, or devices (unless specified)
  • Close all other tabs and windows in the system
  • No abnormal behavior or misconduct that amounts to cheating

Candidate Genuineness

To thine own self be true or be who you are in the first towards displaying genuineness or integrity; it holds true in recruitment assessment as well.  

Candidate genuineness in assessment refers to the confirmation of acceptable standards or pre-set evaluation criteria in the auto proctoring system. Meeting the full requirements of criteria is a great way to prove integrity and honesty by a candidate. Being a crucial part of emotional intelligence, candidates must demonstrate genuineness from start to end in the assessment.

Only if it were that simple!

There are many cases in recruitment where organizations have chosen authenticity over intelligence. But as a natural tendency for humans to cheat in the absence of a proctor or an invigilator, there has been evidence of rampant cheating activities across many industries in the recent recruitment assessment activities.

In a survey by CareerBuilder, 74 percent of the employers agreed to have made a wrong position.

According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the average cost of a bad hire is more than 30 percent of an individual’s first-year earnings (approximately).

Considering remote hiring as a blessing, many candidates are taking undue advantage of the pandemic crisis, especially during the assessments.  Prominent studies like Glider Talent Intelligence have tracked a 92 percent increase in fraudulent test tracking activities between the end of 2020 to the first half of 2021. The study also found average of 23 percent of the candidates engaged in some assessment malpractice.

Confirming Candidate Genuineness through Auto Proctoring

  • Being present at least 5 minutes before the assessment begins
  • Appropriate dress code
  • No impersonations
  • Display professionalism
  • Consistent behavior and etiquettes
  • No unwanted eye movements or body language
  • Avoid ‘unnatural’ jargon and conversation
  • Adherence to rules and regulations of the assessments

It is said that smart people overcomplicate things. Some candidates in an eagerness to prove their skills and intelligence, display unnatural behavior that raises doubts about their genuineness. For example, self-boasting about their intelligence (more than necessary) or displaying over-enthusiastic gestures or repertoire is a complete no-no. Displaying soft skills is as necessary and important as academic and professional skills.

Glider’s Auto Proctoring and Candidate Genuineness

It’s true that auto proctoring makes everything candidate-centric in an assessment. From flexibility to ease of use, the AI-based algorithm has effectively benefitted candidates and recruiters in the wake of the global pandemic. A win-win in reality.

Auto proctoring platforms from Glider are well ahead of its competitors when it comes to remote monitoring and assuring candidate genuineness. The advanced and comprehensive monitoring system upholds candidate authentication while keeping a check on fraud activities simultaneously. Recruiters can track and monitor candidate activity through the enabled use of webcam and microphone all through the assessment duration.

Glider’s live proctoring mechanisms like face detection, tab-switch count, code plagiarism check, auto-flagging suspicious activities, and comprehensive reports are widely used by vast employers, agencies, and industries across the world. What’s more! Apart from being a super proctoring system that Glider is, the platform not only recognizes genuine, talented, and skilled candidates, but it has also reduced manual and unconscious bias almost to zero. Additionally, Glider’s talent intelligence products make sure to incorporate DEI in hiring and evaluation process.

Closing Note

Time and again it has been proved that candidate genuineness is instantly gratified by hiring enterprises. Be it manual proctoring or auto proctoring, a candidate must be authentic and display a sense of genuineness as fiercely as possible.

While no one is sure if the classical manual proctoring is coming back or not, auto proctoring is doing its job well and neat – detecting potential violations in candidate assessment. The present and future of auto proctoring are only projected to advance with new innovations and integrations. But among things said and done, candidate genuineness is what every kind of proctoring is concerned about. It is a testimonial of conviction and integrity that leads to meaningful relationships and career progression in any organization.


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