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Network Engineer Skills Test

Network Engineer Skills Test Overview  Network engineers use various data-mining techniques to identify the network entity related to a problem or remove the network itself from risk. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in TCP/IP and other protocols bring them endless opportunities. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, Network Engineering is the world’s fastest-growing job sector […]

Blockchain UX Developer Skills Test

Blockchain UX Developer Skills Test Overview  Blockchain UX developers make blockchain technology accessible to all. They add visual language to Blockchain products to stimulate the users to take the desired action and also avoid obstacles in the process. Companies with decentralized apps or products hire them for entailing RoI-centered usability.    Before hiring, you can use […]

Data Scientist Skills Test

Data Scientist Skills Test Overview  The role of a Data Scientist revolves around a combination of quantitative analysis, programming, and narrative. With the fundamental skill of writing data to testing hypotheses to reduce losses, a data scientist literally converts a mass of unstructured data into a revenue gold mine.     Before hiring, you can use these […]

Software Developer Skills Test

Software Developer Skills Test Overview  Software developers build and develop software programs from scratch to execution for online structures, applications, and environments. They can be either application software developers or system software developers.  Before hiring, you can use these sample questions to assess a candidate’s fit for the software developer role. Feel free to use […]

Cloud Consultant Skills Test

Cloud Consultant Skills Test Overview  Cloud consultants are experts in cloud migration and deployment. They help enterprises shift their digital assets and data resources from on-site to the cloud in a faster and fuss freeway.   Here are sample questions to evaluate a cloud consultant candidate before you hire them. Feel free to make use of […]

Beeline And Glider AI Announce Partnership To Increase Confidence When Hiring Contingent Workers

Candidate assessment technology provides hiring managers with greater confidence in resume and expertise statements and prevents interview impersonation. JACKSONVILLE, FLA., August 19, 2021 – Beeline, the leading technology solution provider for managing the extended workforce, today announced a partnership with Glider AI, the creator of talent quality solutions for testing, verifying, and validating the skills of job […]

TalentNet And Glider AI Integration – A First In Contingent Workforce Direct Source Programs

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Globally, the demand for contingent labor is skyrocketing. In the U.S., contingent and freelance workers currently makeup nearly 20% of the workforce for the average business, and by 2027, more than 60% of all labor will freelance. To meet this challenge, TalentNet, the industry leader of direct sourcing technology, has joined […]

With A 92% Jump In Candidate Fraud, Glider AI Sees Rapid Growth In Contingent And Full-Time Hiring Programs

Hires Industry Veteran Ben Walker to Support in Company’s Expansion San Francisco, September 23, 2021. As demand for highly qualified talent continues to grow in an increasingly hybrid world, Glider AI sees increasing demand for its product to help Enterprises, MSPs, and Staffing firms hire at full-time and contingent programs. Glider AI recent partnerships with Beeline and TalentNet follow the […]

In The New World Of Remote Work & Remote Interviews, Hiring Fraud Is Growing

With remote work the new normal, professional interviewers and fake candidates are growing at alarming rates and increasing in sophistication. What options are there for recruiters and hiring managers? Since COVID-19, remote work and remote hiring have soared, and it’s more than a pandemic-exclusive phenomenon.  Remote work has forever changed how we work and how […]

Cloud Automation Engineer Skills Test

Cloud Automation Engineer Skills Test Overview  Cloud automation engineers empower enterprises for cloud migration and deployment through the design and development of automation resources.  Employers, recruiters, and hiring teams look for candidates who know the fundamentals of cloud automation and architecture. As a thumb rule, skill tests help them zero in on the skills and […]

Cloud Network Engineer Skills Test

Cloud Network Engineer Skills Test Overview  Cloud network engineers specialize in migrating networks and security to cloud platforms. From storage networking to server networking and third-party cloud networks, demand for cloud network engineers has grown exponentially in recent years.   From a talent acquisition pov, we understand how recruiters run from pillar to post to onboard […]

Cloud Security Analyst Skills Test

Cloud Security Analyst Test Overview  Cloud security analysts are like invigilators who overlook their network systems to proactively mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. They proactively make informed decisions based on network device logs.   If you are looking for a cloud security analyst, then this blog is for you. For starters, here are sample questions to know […]

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