UI Strategist Interview Questions

Everything you need to know about hiring a UI Strategist 

Why hire a UI Strategist? 

The gap between humans and machines is rapidly blurring. Technologies like AR, VR, and VUI are disrupting the way we use UX and UI. As a UI Strategist, the role strives to optimize experiences based on user needs and security.

A succinct explanation from Jared Spool, Maker of Awesomeness at Center Centre – UIE tells us the importance of a UI Strategist. 

“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.”

According to fuselab studies, UI  is an integral part of web design strategy. The report adds that even a 10% improvement in User Experience score can translate into $ 1 bn in revenue for business enterprises.

This leads us to the question, How to hire a UI Strategist? 
As your good friend, our tech hiring guide is here to help you and grab the attention of the top quality candidates.

What is a UI Strategist ?  

How does strategy make a difference? Well, it says that every “i” should be dotted, while every “t” should be crossed. A UI Strategist does the same just like Iron Man created Jarvis UI from his imagination

Having a distinctive UI is great, but the bubble bursts sooner if it is not worth the hype. The role of a UI Strategist knows that a roadmap for user-centric experience is not just interface, but usability and adoption.

The rising popularity of UI Strategists can be understood in the words of Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer at Adobe.

Companies are putting designers at the head of the table…The user’s experience of technology these days is even more important than the tech itself. The UI is what distinguishes a product; a company. That’s one reason why designers are being employed across industries.”

On that note, check out our tech recruiting guide to find candidates with the right skills and competencies. 

Why are UI Strategists in high demand?

Until recently, UX focused on strategy and UI was about the design. However, recurring advancements in NLP, AI, and ML and IoT have spurred huge innovations in UI. For example, according to a survey by the UK’s leading financial review, 81% of the businesses agreed that fintech-based UI has eased cross-border payments.

The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the growth of the UI Strategist job market at 13%  between 2020 and 2030. 

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Average pay for UI Strategist 

As per Glassdoor estimates, the national average for a UI Strategist salary in the USA is $1,01,061 per year with an added compensation between $5,617 – $1,63,685.

UI Strategist KPIs:

How do you measure the success of a UI strategy? What parameters help you evaluate? The following 

KPIs shed light on critical success factors.

  1. Average time on task
  2. Task completion rate
  3. Error occurrence rate
  4. Retention rate
  5. Net Promoter Score
  6. Customer Satisfaction
  7. Single Sign-on capabilities
  8. User-friendly design

UI Strategist Job Description

The broad role of a UI Strategist combines many jobs depending upon product design and usability.

The UI Strategist’s job description tells you what you look for when hiring.

  1. Work on design intake, planning, execution, and delivery phases for design projects
  2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams for multidisciplinary collaboration and creative problem-solving
  3. Discover opportunities for user research and usability testing.
  4. Conduct primary, secondary, and tertiary research in collaboration with cross-functional teams.
  5. Identify industry, user interface, and technology trends, to incorporate in the Experience Design, Business, and IT groups
  6. Ensure quality design outputs that align with UI requirements using a static, prototype, and motion deliverables
  7. Interact with IT and Product management to evaluate the feasibility and ensure the quality of the developed experience
  8. Train designers in design methods, and evolve design tooling 
  9. Project your idea to key stakeholders from a user and business perspective

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UI Strategist Interview Questions

  1. What does a UI strategist do?
  2. How does a UX strategy differ from a UI strategy?
  3. Walk us through your UI strategy creation roadmap
  4. What advice would you give to a client who wants to rewrite the UI?
  5. Give a few examples of direct and indirect interactions
  6. What is your understanding of HCI – Human-Computer Interaction?
  7. What does Tesler’s Law of Conservation of Complexity advise a UI professional?
  8. Are progressive disclosures always a good idea? Where does it work and where it doesn’t?
  9. What are the key impactful spots of a UI?
  10. Which are the best analytics tools for a UI project?

Best Practices for hiring UI Strategists

Users are at the heart of a UI Strategist’s role. That’s why hiring experts must look beyond tech and coding skills. For example, they can assess the candidate on strategies needed to increase user engagement and a look at the portfolio is always a judicious idea.

Most companies prefer freelancers for project-specific designs. Plus a look at their portfolio or mood boards also determines the ‘role fit’. 

 Paulo Dziobczenski, Designer in residence at Aalto University and Founder of Designcareer.co advises that hiring managers must follow a data-driven approach to hiring designers. They must also understand the differences between various roles, their skills, and job descriptions. 

Recruitment software like Glider AI helps you hire the best designers from the UI industry. The talent quality platform tells you how to hire with confidence through real-world skill evaluation. Through AI-based candidate evaluation, the time-to-fill ratio is reduced by 50%, and improves interview to offer ratio by 3X while increasing candidate satisfaction by 98%, thus enhancing the employer brand and candidate experience simultaneously.

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