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Tech Recruiting: Top Tech Roles Hiring Guide

What are the top tech roles you need to recruit for now? 

A strong labor market is good for all workers and even better if you work in tech, considering there are more open positions than available talent. And the pace at which technology evolves fuels the demand for more tech talent with different skills. Review our Tech Recruiting Hiring Guide for insights on why hiring is hard and how you can fix it. 


Tech is a broad and deep category, so we identified the top 10 skills and top jobs in the specific tech field. Explore the roles your competitors are trying to fill, coupled with job descriptions and interview questions.  


Cybersecurity is the most-demanded skill in the world today, with the field predicted to increase to $372.04 Bn by 2028. 


Top tech jobs looking for cybersecurity skills:  

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is now a standard operating procedure; the field is expected to reach revenues of $1.6 Tn by 2030. 


Top tech jobs looking for Cloud Computing skills: 

  1. Cloud Administrator  
  2. Cloud Security Analyst 
  3. Cloud Network Engineer  
  4. Cloud Automation Engineer 
  5. Cloud Consultant 

AI + Machine Learning

The AI and ML field is expected to increase 297% by 2025. Candidates need proficiency in data analytics, applied math, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. 


Top tech jobs looking for AI and Machine Learning skills: 

  1. AI Developer 
  2. Data Scientist 
  3. Network Engineer / Architect 
  4. Senior Data Scientist 
  5. Senior Software Developer / Engineer 

Data Science & Analytics

Data is abundant, but making sense of the data is where the biggest challenge lies for most organizations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates a 30% growth by 2030.


Top tech jobs looking for Data Analytics and Data Science skills: 

  1. Big Data Engineer 
  2. Data Architect 
  3. Data Security Analyst 
  4. Database Manager 
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst 


Blockchain professionals require skills in infrastructure designs, building security protocols, and coding. 


Top tech jobs looking for Blockchain skills: 

  1. Blockchain Developer 
  2. Blockchain Architect 
  3. Project Manager 
  4. UX Developer 
  5. Blockchain Quality Engineer


The main aim of DevOps is to create a continuous development and continuous deployment lifecycle of software applications. Proficiency in tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible are critical. 


Top tech jobs looking for DevOps skills: 

  1. DevOps Release Manager 
  2. DevOps Lead 
  3. DevOps Automation 
  4. DevOps Testing
  5. Software Developer 


AR, VR, and MR are transforming how we perceive the world. Basic requirements should include C# and C++, but the more languages you can work with, the better. 


Top tech jobs looking for AR/VR related skills: 

  1. AR/VR Software Developer  
  2. AR/VR Developer
  3. Design/Graphics Engineer 
  4. Software Engineer 
  5. AR /VR Product and Project Managers 

iOS + Android

The duopoly, split between Apple’s iOS and Google Android also has a sizable percentage of mobile development jobs. Many developers in this field will have an understanding of both operating systems. 


Top tech jobs looking for Android and iOS Development skills: 

  1. iOS Mobile Applications Developer   
  2. iOS QA Engineer 
  3. Android QA Engineer 
  4. iOS Network Engineer  
  5. iOS Developer 


62% of our global population uses technology to work and connect in a remote-first world. As a result, the user experience and user interface of apps, websites, etc. is now a business cirtical strategy. 


Top tech jobs looking for UI/UX skills: 

  1. User Experience (UX) Designer 
  2. Interaction Designer 
  3. UX Researcher 
  4. UX Architect 
  5. Experience Designer 

Software Engineering

Globally, it’s estimated that there are 26.9 million software developers and more jobs than qualified candidates. 


Top tech jobs looking for Software Engineering skills: 

  1. Full Stack Developer  
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Software Architect 
  4. SQA Engineer 
  5. Android Engineer/Developer 

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