Tips to Hire A Tech Assessment Vendor

How to Hire a Tech Assessment Vendor

With the overwhelming number of potential candidates, hiring a candidate that fulfills all the categories and resonates with the company norms has become a tough job. A candidate who manifests the qualities of a future employee is required to undergo a series of tests to prove his worth. To select a candidate, the assessment has to on-point and thus, companies require a checklist to hire a tech assessment vendor.

Since on-campus recruitments and other forms of physical recruitment systems are out of the picture due to the ongoing situation around the world, the need for virtual assessment systems has sky-rocketed. Tech Assessment Vendors have risen from all corners of the world trying to grasp the market. Some vendors provide automation while some provide CRMs while some claim to be the whole package. But, finding a tech assessment vendor that delivers all the requirements and provides the best results is like finding “El-Dorado”.

Checklist to hire a tech assessment vendor

Standardized Tests

When your company is about to invest in an assessment vendor, you should always look for the skill assessments provided by that vendor. There should be a standard set of rules and regulations without fail. The tests should be archetype and acceptable without any prejudices and according to the requirements. Every candidate should have to undergo the detailed steps required to pass the assessment. There should not be any kind of compromise.

Customized Products

A tech assessment vendor should have a variety in its products. Every company has its own set of requirements. Some companies may only want to have a simple interview; some may require their candidates to take aptitude tests while others may want different assessment variations. A company needs to choose a vendor that provides options to choose from.

Ease of Access

Since the tests will be taken on a virtual platform, so the products should be available to every candidate in every possible area under any circumstances. If the assessment site crashes down or lands the visitor on a different page, then there will be no point in taking the assessment.

Remember, your company’s brand name and reputation are on the line during the assessment.

Proctored Tests

Online proctoring is one of the most important aspects that a tech assessment vendor must be able to provide. Since you are assessing your candidates remotely, you need to be able to examine what they are doing or monitor their behavior. The assessment vendor should provide some cheating prohibition features that keep track of the candidate’s actions.


The quality of the questionnaire given in the assessment test should be knowledgeable and related to the subject matter. For example, asking copywriter questions regarding coding would be unacceptable. The questions provided by the vendor should be able to make the candidate understand the importance of the assessment and not take it for granted.


The vendor that you are about to hire for selecting the candidates should be responsive to your demands. An unresponsive and passive vendor who does not have value for your money will never be a good option.


An assessment vendor’s products should be integrable with your Application Tracking System (ATS). The vendor’s software must be able to amalgamate with your data and should be able to work within your system.

Dashboard and Analytics

The assessment provider must have a service of the dashboard so that the recruiter can view and vet the candidates. In addition to that, the product should also have an analytics system that helps in examining the performance report of the different candidates and also lets the recruiters compare the candidates on an overall and subject-wise basis.

Security regarding data

The vendor should respect the company’s privacy and must provide security to the shared data. Proper and authorized guidelines must be followed while sharing the details. The vendor must be responsible to handle the confidentiality and should not leak anything. The recruiter must look for the tool’s GDPR, EEOC legalization.

Brand Visibility

A candidate opts to work in a company based on the company’s brand value. If the company has a good reputation and brand name, a candidate longs to work for that company. Thus when it comes to assessing a candidate your brand name should be visible. The assessment vendor whose product you would be using must have white-labeled assessments so that your brand is discernible.

Customer Service

Even if the product is implanted with advanced technological contrivances, that product will wear down over time. The vendor company should be liable for any product discrepancy and must provide customer support and service to rectify the anomalies. An assessment vendor must be aware of the potential problems regarding the product that the purchaser might face during the usage of it. Not only that, but the vendor should also provide counter solutions to correct those problems.

Feedback System

This point is a plus. A feedback system allows the candidate to give his/her views on the assessment system. This helps in the betterment of the system and provides a field of improvement.

Apart from these technical viewpoints, make sure to assess the tech vendor on these points too:

  • Check if the vendor’s product has provided satisfactory results for any firm in the past. Do market research regarding the product on various grounds and be sure only after that.
  • Evaluate each product or tool provided by the vendor minutely.
  • Make sure that the product is long-lasting and does not deteriorate with time.
  • Evaluate the product by running it through your employees first.
  • Make sure to check if your company is getting the competitive ascendancy while using the product. If the product does not provide an edge to your company, then you are just part of the flock.

A potential candidate is going to be the probable future of your company and hiring a candidate must be of utmost importance. An assessment vendor is a bridge between the company and the candidate. Thus, that bridge must be aptly examined and then approved. A checklist to hire a tech assessment vendor helps greatly in this venture.

These are some of the points that every company must check for while choosing or dealing with a tech assessment vendor. Finding a vendor that checks out all these facets takes up a lot of research and analysis. A vendor that provides all the above-mentioned features is the one who should be given the key to your company’s future.

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