Glider Product Updates – March 2021

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Updated on April 29, 2023

Another month and another set of new and exciting features to make your Glider experience more rewarding! Check out our newly added features and learn how they further simplify and enhance your hiring process.

Better Candidate Experience in One-Way Interviews


To make proctoring guidelines and warnings easier to understand for candidates, we have made them more visual. On the camera access setup page, we show the dos and don’ts that candidates need to adhere to during the proctored assessment. The warnings also have images indicating what kind of activities are considered suspicious and hence need to be avoided. The position of the warnings are also modified to improve the candidate experience.

These new visual proctoring instructions and warnings are aimed at increasing the test integrity, genuineness of the candidates, and talent quality by ensuring that

  • Option to repeat/replay questions
  • One time request for camera access
  • You can now allocate thinking time to each question
  • 20 second default thinking time to help candidates prepare for each question

Manage Interview Tasks Like a Pro!


Manage and edit interview tasks like a boss. Go to ‘Manage Tasks’ under Glider Video Interviews to add, delete, create, and edit your task lists in a flash.

Send Bulk Interview Invites at Scale


Bulk interviewing is a cakewalk with Glider’s new bulk candidate upload feature! Now you can upload candidate contact details in a CSV file at volume and scale. Download the Glider CSV template, enter candidate details, upload the list, and voila! Your interviews are scheduled in one go!

You can send invites for interviews with different dates and time slots together, using the same CSV file. Say goodbye to redundant tasks and extra costs when hiring with Glider.

Improved Accessibility Compliance for Disabled Candidates


In accordance with EEOC and in line with our commitment to make the hiring process more D&I friendly, Glider now allows candidates to declare a disability and request for accommodation features while taking any Glider test.

More Control Over Assessment Usage


Glider Paid Professional and Enterprise plans now allow you to manage and control the number of assessment usage per recruiter. Contact Glider Customer Support to enable this feature.

Join us for a live Q&A and demo session of all Glider updates. Book your calendar – March 25th, 2021, Thursday, 12:30 PM ET. Get answers to anything and everything Glider!

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