Glider AI Product Updates – January 2024

Sidharth Sharma

Updated on January 24, 2024

As the recruiting industry combats a new level of sophistication in candidate fraud, a challenging economic landscape, and a rapidly expanding talent pool, Glider AI has introduced new features to make your experience more rewarding and the hiring process more efficient than ever before!

Glider Connect

Sequence and automate candidate engagement

Glider Connect can now automate your communications with candidates and at scale in human-like interactions. Previously, Connect enabled single communication streams by channel. In this update, you can create multiple outreach streams using email, SMS, and WhatsApp in any order and cadence you like. 

Better candidate conversations using custom auto-responses 

Connect can save recruiters hundreds of hours during the screening process through automation and access to questions matched to job requirements. Communications are now customizable based on the questions asked and the candidate’s response. During the sequence creation, all recruiters need to do is edit the auto-response content. 

More efficient screening and scheduling

You can also automate scheduling and request the candidate’s shift preferences and general availability, helping you increase placement rates and create a better brand experience.

Skill Assessments

More innovative and more secure multiple-choice questions 

Instead of displaying all possible answers at once, Glider will cascade options to candidates to respond with a true or false answer. Additionally, only a set group of questions is delivered to candidates to help maintain assessment integrity. Candidate answers are recorded and presented in a report, showing the answer choices not offered, the options the candidate received, and how they answered. 

Making assessments more accessible and fair

To support candidates with unique needs, Glider now provides additional accessibility features to help candidates throughout the entire assessment, from start to completion. Hiring teams can re-author assessments specific to accessibility needs, like offering different question types. 

Enhanced screen detection

We’ve enhanced anti-cheating capabilities within assessments where recruiters can mandate that candidates share their complete screen. This feature ensures test taking is fair and candidates are not receiving assistance. In addition to the full-screen mandate feature, recruiters can detect if dual screens are used by candidates during active assessments.

Live Interviews

Autonomous support to improve skill evaluation during interviews

In addition to assigning questions and tasks to candidates during the live interview, Glider can now proactively assist interviewers when asking candidates questions and evaluating their responses. The support offers additional context with example solutions to help improve interview effectiveness and a more holistic view of candidate skill and fit in real-time.

Voice recognition across interview rounds

As candidate fraud grows in sophistication, so does Glider AI, which can immediately recognize audio discrepancies. When in doubt, recruiters can compare audio from a current interview with previous interviews, ensuring the person you interview is the same person.

Feel free to contact us at for a deep dive into these new features. If you are interested in experiencing what Glider AI can do for you, schedule a personalized demo today.


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