Credit Manager Job Description

This Credit Manager job description template can be posted to online job forums and career pages for the recruitment of candidates. The Credit Manager job description, its requirements, and responsibilities, given in this template can be modified according to the specific need of your company.

The primary job role of a Credit Manager is to:

  • Research and evaluate clients’ creditworthiness
  • Create credit scoring models for the purpose of predicting risks
  • Approve or reject loan requests on the basis of potential revenues/losses and credibility

Credit Manager Job Description

We are hiring a qualified Credit Manager for overseeing the lending process of our company. You will do everything from the evaluation of clients’ creditworthiness to approval or rejection of loan requests. You will also determine interest rates, set loan terms and create credit scoring models. Your ultimate goal would be helping us increase revenue from loans by minimizing bad debts.
In order to succeed in this role, you must have experience of processing loan applications and a solid background in Accounting. So, if you like to work in a fast-paced environment, and qualify the following requirements, we would like to hear from you.


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or a related field
  • Professional certification (e.g. CPA or CFA)
  • Prior experience as a Credit Manager or a Credit Analyst
  • Experience with database management software
  • Experience with accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks)
  • Sound knowledge of accounting principles as well as regulations
  • The ability to create and process financial spreadsheets, such as in Excel
  • Strong communication skills and a keen eye for details
  • Exceptional negotiation and organizational skills
  • An analytical mind with a problem-solving attitude


  • Researching and evaluating clients’ creditworthiness
  • Creating credit scoring models for the purpose of predicting risks
  • Approving or rejecting loan requests on the basis of potential revenues/losses and credibility
  • Following up with clients so as to manage loan renewals and debt settlements
  • Ensuring all lending procedures comply with regulations
  • Developing, reviewing and updating the credit policies of our company
  • Calculating and setting interest rates
  • Negotiating loan terms with clients
  • Monitoring payments and maintaining records of loan applications