Senior Java Developer Interview Questions  

This snapshot of Senior Java Developer interview questions will help you screen the candidate’s skill in the right way. These questions can be modified for any profile related to Java development.  Similar job roles include Java Programmer, Java Application Developer, Java Integration Developer, J2EE Developer and Java Backend Developer.

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Senior Java Developer Interview Questions

Being a technical role,  this profile demands great learning skill, problem-solving ability, and passion for the job. Along with the other aspects, a solid background in computer science is necessary.

The candidate you hire should be able to perform the following tasks effectively:

  • Develop and execute unit test cases
  • Software modeling with static and dynamic views
  • Actively participate in all aspects of solution development
  • Design and development of front-end office trading systems in Java
  • Lead a team to deliver complex tasks successfully
  • Collaborate with front-end developers on API design
  • Monitor the business’s software and ensures standard compliance

No matter what programmer you are looking for, modification of these questions will magnetize the right candidate. Be it for Core Java, J2EE, application, integration or back-end profile, modify and share these suitable questions to attract the most qualified candidates.

Computer Science questions

  • What is the difference between the cooperative threading model and preemptive threading model?
  • What does the function of “just in time” compiler do? Name any programming language runtimes that use one.
  • Mention the practices and tools that you consider essential for a continuous delivery solution.
  • Can you tell me what makes a unit test good?
  • In Unicode, how is a code unit related to a code point?

Role-specific questions

  • Why it is useless for a final or static method to use dynamic binding?
  • In Java, how the arguments are passed?
  • How Java EE and Java SE are related?
  • Do you know about the crucial features that are introduced in Java 5, 7 and 8, respectively?
  • Explain the difference between runtime and checked exceptions.
  • In Java 7 ForkJoinPool is introduced. Is it a better substitute to ThreadPoolExecutor?
  • How would you synchronize five threads to start at the same time?
  • What is the difference between Map, ConcurrentHashMap, and HashMap returned by Collections.synchronizedMap?
  • Define weak reference. How is it useful to us?
  • You notice freezes for several seconds during a high load in a 3-tier application that is running on a Java application server. Can you tell the reasons for it? What steps would you take to troubleshoot them?
  • Describe any Java EE platform API.
  • Why are lambda expressions a big thing for Java 8?
  • Explain the use care for Servlets 3.0 introduced async support.
  • Is this possible in Java: P extends Q, R
  • What is Java Scripting API?