With A 92% Jump In Candidate Fraud, Glider AI Sees Rapid Growth In Contingent And Full-Time Hiring Programs

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Updated on December 5, 2022

Hires Industry Veteran Ben Walker to Support in Company’s Expansion

San Francisco, September 23, 2021. As demand for highly qualified talent continues to grow in an increasingly hybrid world, Glider AI sees increasing demand for its product to help Enterprises, MSPs, and Staffing firms hire at full-time and contingent programs.

Glider AI recent partnerships with Beeline and TalentNet follow the company’s findings that between the end of 2020 and early 2021, there was a 92% increase in candidate fraud, and highlight the market need for technology that ensures candidate quality and integrity.

As a result, Glider AI doubled its customer base in less than one year; new customers include Emirates, Amazon, CarMax, Northern Trust, Infosys, and Zebra consulting. Although Enterprises, MSPs and Staffing Firms see the criticality of Glider AI in the HR technology stack, candidates also see the value. Scientific skills evaluation, coupled with stringent AI-enabled proctoring, help candidates stand out from the crowd. On average, Glider AI customers see a 67% increase in Talent Quality, 50% reduced hiring time, and double candidate satisfaction rate.

With Glider AI’s 2x growth, the company recently hired industry veteran and executive Ben Walker. As VP of Operations[GU1] , Ben Walker will oversee company operations, customer partnerships and support ongoing growth. Most recently, Ben Walker was the SVP of Customer Success at Brightfield and previously led contingent workforce strategy at Bloomberg LP. 

“Glider AI is in a unique position in the hiring and staffing ecosystem. The technology speaks for itself and is evident in the caliber of customers signing up with Glider to support hiring for contingent and full-time programs,” shares Mr. Walker on his decision to join Glider.

“We’re thrilled about Ben’s decision to join our fast-growing company,” said Satish Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Glider AI. Mr. Kumar continues, “Ben’s experience in the industry not only is strategic to our growth but is invaluable to the growing list of customers choosing Glider for all their hiring needs.”

About Glider AI

Glider AI, an industry-leading AI-based Talent Intelligence platform, provides hiring solutions including virtual assessments, coding/video interviews, screen bots, and more to scale hiring quality talent for the Enterprise, Staffing Firms, and MSPs. Global brands like Facebook, Intuit, PwC, Capital One, and FINRA trust Glider AI to validate candidate quality and fit across any role in any industry. On average, customers see a 3x placement rate, a 50% reduction in time to fill, and a 98% improvement in candidate satisfaction. For more information, visit glider.ai

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