TalentNet And Glider AI Integration – A First In Contingent Workforce Direct Source Programs

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Updated on December 5, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Globally, the demand for contingent labor is skyrocketing. In the U.S., contingent and freelance workers currently makeup nearly 20% of the workforce for the average business, and by 2027, more than 60% of all labor will freelance.

To meet this challenge, TalentNet, the industry leader of direct sourcing technology, has joined forces with Glider AI, a talent intelligence platform that enables Enterprises, MSPs and Staffing Firms to bring talent quality to the forefront of hiring programs. 

Today’s contingent candidates are consumers. Like retail consumers, candidates expect a unified, streamlined, and worry-free customer experience, no matter when or where they interact with a brand,” said Phil Cooper, VP Global Client Strategy with TalentNet. “Unifying candidate assessment and talent communities, therefore, results in more engaged candidates and increases operational efficiencies, and it’s through our strategic partnership with Glider that we help customers and industry partners take full advantage of direct sourcing.”

Pontoon Solutions is trusted by 60% of the Fortune 500- all with unique needs, objectives, and goals, but one common theme is the expectation we will bring forward innovative solutions that improve their candidate experience, streamline operational processes, and deliver material economic benefits. The partnership between TalentNet and Glider AI hits on all three by providing a seamless solution between candidate attraction through worker onboarding. We’re excited to share this partnership with the world’s leading brands.”

Stephen Byrd, Global Head of Customer Experience with Pontoon Solutions

The TalentNet and Glider AI integration is part of the Contingent Workforce Direct Source Ecosystem. Through the partnership, customers are provided with increased operational efficiencies like reduced time to hire, quicker placement, and an unrivaled candidate experience which is now critical in competitive hiring markets. 

Bringing together the best direct source software from TalentNet, and a unified, cloud-based candidate assessment and screening from Glider AI – all with full-cycle vendor accountability, results in a seamless experience for candidates and significant cost-savings for customers.

People are your competitive advantage, and through the TalentNet/Glider AI partnership, hiring teams can source, evaluate, place, and hire quality talent at scale. More so, in an increasingly competitive hiring market, candidate experience is crucial, and they are now in the driver’s seat. This partnership gives contingent and full-time hiring programs the edge, both operationally and experientially.”

Satish Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Glider AI

About TalentNet

TalentNet introduced the world to a better way of sourcing in 2013 with the launch of the TalentNet contingent labor direct sourcing platform. Today, direct sourcing is one of the fastest-growing trends globally in talent acquisition. As the technology pioneer in direct sourcing, we empower some of the world’s leading brands to provide candidates with a seamless hiring experience while simplifying supply chain complexity and reducing cost.

Our mission is to transform how organizations engage and acquire talent. We won’t stop innovating until all people, regardless of work type or background, are seen equally for what they are…people.

About Glider AI

Glider AI, an industry-leading AI-based Talent Intelligence platform, provides hiring solutions including virtual assessments, coding/video interviews, screen bots, and more to scale hiring quality talent for the Enterprise, Staffing Firms, and MSPs. Global brands like Facebook, Intuit, PwC, Capital One, and FINRA trust Glider AI to validate candidate quality and fit across any role in any industry. On average, customers see a 3x placement rate, a 50% reduction in time to fill, and a 98% improvement in candidate satisfaction. 

Read the full press release here.


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